Infrequent Series Announcement

With the ending of the Haruca anthology, the future of “A Pair of Blue Wings” is unknown. The series was already on a twice-per-year release schedule. Until the series is complete, we will put that project on hiatus. “Harapekona Majo” and “Tiny Mermaid Matters” are also infrequent series, so until those series have enough chapters built up to be coherent, we will put them on hiatus also. From now on, we will not take on any infrequent series until they are done because it’s too frustrating to remember what happens from chapter to chapter while they are in serialization. Continue reading Infrequent Series Announcement

New Blog — Kuroneko’s Lovely Mangas

I’ve decided to make the Crimson Flowers blog a scanlation only blog. Therefore I pulled all the non-scanlation posts over to a new blog and started posting on that blog tonight. The blog is called “Kuroneko’s Lovely Mangas”. Here’s the link. The main focus of this blog will be anime and manga reviews, series and oneshot summaries, and shoujo and josei manga news. The first new post has just been posted here. It covers highlights from Betsuhana issue 1/2015. Continue reading New Blog — Kuroneko’s Lovely Mangas

Regarding Kaoru Ichinose’s Works

We get questions from time to time about whether we are translating works from Kaoru Ichinose. We are. We have a couple of lost and untranslated works from her days at Hakusensha and there are two recent long form oneshots, one of which just came out last month. We are concentrating on the long-form oneshots for now. Each is 123 pages long, so please be patient with us. Top priority is the follow up to  “Hajimari wa Suna no Ichiya”.  The latest one is called “Tensai Gakusha ni Koishitara” (“If I fall in love with a Genius”). We have the … Continue reading Regarding Kaoru Ichinose’s Works

January 2014 Statistics and Announcements

January went pretty well. We finished “Magnolia” and “Wild Wing”.  I wanted to get some of “Rex Fabula” completed, but I didn’t have time to do the translations. However, image editing continued in the background, so progress is being made. Anyhow, here are some statistics from last month: Top 5 Releases: Magnolia Chapter 38 Kanojo ni Naru Hi Another Chapter 2 Wild Wing Chapter 4 Magnolia Chapter 37 Oneshot: Kuma-san to Issho Top 10 Visiting Countries USA (CA, NY, MA, WA, FL) Canada France Indonesia Germany Malaysia Australia Italy Singapore Russia (Greetings, Russian!) And now for an announcement: I have … Continue reading January 2014 Statistics and Announcements

Crimson Flower’s Plans for 2014

Now that we’ve said what we aren’t going to do, let’s get on to what we are going to do.  We are only adding one new monthly series.  Everything else added will be bi-monthly or quarterly. We are limiting the number of monthly series so we can do more oneshots and short series.  So here it goes: Monthly Series “Baraou no Souretsu” “Kisu ni Renzoku” “P + JK” The difficulty of scanlating this series outweighs the goodness. Hopefully since it’s popular in Japan it’ll get licensed here. It’s very tame in terms of age-gap series, so I don’t see why … Continue reading Crimson Flower’s Plans for 2014

2014 Plans at Crimson Flower — We Are Dropping Some Series

I don’t like to drop series, but I feel I should announce what we are formally dropping to give the team and the readers some clarity and closure. We do not drop series lightly. I usually agonize for months before dropping a series.  We are dropping these series mainly because there isn’t enough momentum within the group to keep the series going and there is a strong desire within the group to do more oneshots and one volume series, and therefore I need to free up the schedule. We are dropping: “Ore to Atashi no Kareshi-sama” — We are dropping … Continue reading 2014 Plans at Crimson Flower — We Are Dropping Some Series

2013 Crimson Flower/ Omari’s Sister Retrospective

2013 was a tremendous year at Crimson Flower.  Thank you to everyone who volunteered, purchased stuff from our store, and participated in our community! Let’s get straight to the data! New Series Begun in 2013 “Kyuuketsuki no Uruwashiki Kekkon” (“Lovely Vampire Weddings”) “Kanojo ni Naru Hi” “Kanojo ni Naru Hi — Another” “Many” “Nanatsu no Kururi” “Ao no Souyoku” (“A Pair of Blue Wings”) “Magical Change” “Baraou no Souretsu” “Kisu ni Renzoku” “Lip Smoke” “LLLL” “Haikyo Shoujo” “Kerberos in the Silver Rain” Series we Finished in 2013 “Many” “Kyuuketsuki no Uruwashiki Kekkon” (“Lovely Vampire Weddings”) “Kanojo ni Naru Hi” “Kemono … Continue reading 2013 Crimson Flower/ Omari’s Sister Retrospective

October 2013 Stats and November 2013 Activities

I have a lot to get through in the post, so hang in there with me to the end :). October 2013 Stats Top 10 Visiting Countries: USA (CA, NY, MA, MI, WA) Canada France Australia Indonesia Germany Malayasia Spain Philippines Italy Top 5 Releases Attack on Titan — The Birth of Levi Prologue Oneshot: Tasogare Renren “Magnolia” Chp 36 “Magical Change” Chp 2 Oneshot: Jinrou Chronicle CF Subscription Information Since we’ve been introducing some new series lately, I though I’d post a list of the magazines I subscribe to and their frequency. Twice a month: Hana to Yume Monthly: … Continue reading October 2013 Stats and November 2013 Activities