Halloween Oneshot: "Inoribana" ("Prayer Flower") by Mikase Hayase

Here’s another excellent oneshot from Mikase Hayase. It not as weep-yourself-into-a-pool-of-tears as “Souai Metaphysica,” but it’s impactful (I still get teary-eyed when I think of that oneshot), nonetheless I think what got me was the all too honest ending. It was amazing once I finally understood the full gravity of what was being said.  The ending is truly lovely. Because of the two oneshots we’ve translated so far, I’m very curious about Hayashi-sensei’s other works, and I’m sure in 2013 we’ll do a month featuring some of her more recent works. Anyhow, without saying much further about this oneshot, because … Continue reading Halloween Oneshot: "Inoribana" ("Prayer Flower") by Mikase Hayase