2014 Series and Oneshot Stats Summary

I’ll keep this simple by displaying two charts. I don’t want to give exact numbers, so I normalized the data. There are no surprises about the top series. “Risou no Kareshitachi” was surprisingly the hit oneshot of last year. While being the most popular, this is also the oneshot that I received the most email expressing displeasure about. The least read oneshots were all of the ones released for Halloween, with “The Doll Friend” stories filling the bottom.  I’m not sure what to make of this given the popularity of “Risou Kareshitachi”. I think the only influence that this data … Continue reading 2014 Series and Oneshot Stats Summary

Crimson Flower 2014 Oneshot/Short Series Stats

I decided to take a look at the performance of our Valentine’s Day oneshots and the other oneshots and short series we’ve completed this year. I’ll just publish the numbers here now, since I haven’t made any sense of what the numbers mean. I’m not really sure whether I can. The readership is normalized against “Risou no Kareshitachi” which had the highest readership. Risou no Kareshitachi — 1.00 Hajimari wa Suna no Ichiya — .8 Lip Smoke — .72 Risou no Ouji no Tsurikata — .45 Ringo no Asobikata — .43 Tobenai Washi — .4 Kuma-san to Issho — .34 … Continue reading Crimson Flower 2014 Oneshot/Short Series Stats

Where to read manga online LEGALLY

I’ve been stewing on this post for a while, but RL and excitement at MU got in the way.  Finally I have time!  This post is mostly going to be about Japanese websites, but I’ll throw in the few English websites I know about first. English websites Mangabox — This is the newest free manga websites.  As of now it hosts manga from Kodansha JP (not the same as Kodansha USA). New titles and chapters are available multiple times a week.  The translation quality is generally good.  The title that are available now are shounen and seinen. Here are the … Continue reading Where to read manga online LEGALLY

Manga Updates Link Removal Update

If you’re following the matter, MU posted an update on the group link removal issue: LINK. I guess it is a legit complaint.  I don’t know enough about copyright law to say whether what happened was valid or not, but it’s clear to me the link removal request only benefited the manga aggregators. It’s is clear that the publishing organization that made the DMCA complaint does not understand the manga scanlation world, and as a consequence drove eyeballs to to the entities that they are trying to curb.  Not that any of this is going to help. Honestly, publishers need … Continue reading Manga Updates Link Removal Update