Oneshot: "Joou-sama no Jikenbo" ("Her Majesty’s Case Log") by Akane Ogura

I’m going to release this oneshot without much comment. (Insert nonsense because I’m overly sensitive and worrying about nothing.) Links to “Joou-sama no Jikenbo”: (PDF) (Zip) Next up will either be the first chapter of a short series from Mai … Continue reading Oneshot: "Joou-sama no Jikenbo" ("Her Majesty’s Case Log") by Akane Ogura

Oneshot: "Shoujo Jump" by Yuu Kurumi

We wanted to release this during the Winter Olympics, but the release didn’t come together until now. Thanks to Ichi for taking on and producing some wonderful redraws! Thanks to Peonine and Jade for the translation! And lastly, thanks to Suzume for lettering the oneshot. This is an ice skating oneshot, obviously. Haha! I thought it was super cute and I like the action drawings, something we rarely see in shoujo. It’s too bad we’ll not see any sports shoujo manga soon since the US publishers assume we won’t buy the series. Grr…  I hope you all enjoy this confection! … Continue reading Oneshot: "Shoujo Jump" by Yuu Kurumi

Oneshot: "Fugitto Amor" by Shiina Dai

So… the recent oneshots and series from The Hana to Yume (Hakusensha) have been opening my eyes to what an age gap love story can be. They don’t have to be about manipulation or older men chasing after teenagers or little girls, or the inverse.  Rather age gap stories can be pure and sweet and about deeper connections than sex.  This is a simple and amazing love story. What’s more amazing is that something that was only 14 pages long brought me to tears and reminded me of all the wonderful things love can be. I don’t know if you’ll … Continue reading Oneshot: "Fugitto Amor" by Shiina Dai

Water-Themed One-Shot: "Shima x Dan: My Life with Boys on a Island"

As our proofreader Zenny pointed out, we don’t often do reverse harem projects.  “Ouran” was definitely a reverse harem and “Magnolia” was looking that way, though now it seems to have narrowed down to Ayato and Hugo with Nagi as the suffering third wheel.  Well, here you go! This is definitely are reverse harem, though it seemed to me a few pages in, Minato and one particular guy had already paired off.  Actually, if you look carefully at the title page, you can see one of the guys has already staked his claim. This is a super-cute one-shot from the … Continue reading Water-Themed One-Shot: "Shima x Dan: My Life with Boys on a Island"

Shiro Lala One-Shot: "The Sullen Baker and Me"

This unexpectedly became the first one-shot we released from Shiro Lala.  Please forgive us if you’ve already read this from Mousou Scans.  We were well on our way to completing this one-shot when they released it, but I didn’t want to waste the cleaning and redrawing work that had already been done and we did announce our intention to do this one-shot weeks back, so I decided to just crank this out now since it’s short. Anyhow, this one-shot is very different than what we are used to from Matsuri Hino.  It’s a very simple story and the character designs … Continue reading Shiro Lala One-Shot: "The Sullen Baker and Me"