Release Schedule

(For now we will not have a schedule. We will work on projects and release when we are ready to.)

  • Oneshot: “Uchi no Neko Shirimasenka?” by Komomo Yamada — QC and Proofreading!
  • “Kanojo ni Naru Hi” – Onsen Extra — Scanned!
  • “Kanojo ni Naru Hi Another” Extra Story — Redraws Done!
  • “Kanojo ni Naru Hi Another” Volume 4 extra comic — I have the raw!
  • “Sabaku no Harem” Lala DX October Extra story (short) – Cleaning begun!
  • “Sabaku no Harem” Lala DX February Extra story (short) — Cleaning begun!
  • “Sabaku no Harem” Lala Extra Story #5 (Short) — Cleaning begun!
  • “The Ice Queen” Chapter 7 — Cleaning Done!
  • “The Ice Queen” Chapter 8 (end) — Cleaning Done! (Needs Redraws)

2017 Oneshots

  • Oneshot: “Mattete Darling” by Hino Maturi — Filtered
  • Oneshot: “Ao no Mukou” by Yumi Kiiro — Cleaning Begun!
  • Short Oneshot: “Sayonara Pink Ring” — Scanned
  • Oneshot “Bishounen” — Cleaning Done! (Needs redraws)
  • Oneshot “Boku ga Shinu made Tsukiatte” — Cleaning Done! (Needs redraws)

Ongoing Series Progress (Unscheduled)

  • “Seishun Away” — I have the entire series! Just waiting for Kanojo ni Naru Hi and The Ice Queen.
  • “Petite Peche” Chapter 3 — Translation and Cleaning Begun!
  • “Petite Peche” Chapter 4 — Scanned