Hana-Kimi May 2010 Extra Story

Here’s the latest Hana-Kimi Extra story from one of the May 2010 issues of Hana to Yume. Link to the Hana-Kimi May 2010 Extra story (Retired) I did this quite hastily and I apologize for any typos, misspellings, or grammatical errors you may come across.  I also apologize for not taking the time to thoroughly clean the images.  I figured that a proportional effort was all that was required for a story that I plan to post only for a short time. I have no idea whether this is the last planned extra story.  Quite personally, the only other extra … Continue reading Hana-Kimi May 2010 Extra Story

Hana-Kimi May 2009 Omake

Update:  Wow!  You all are so great!  I got a proofread on this quite quickly! (Cheers to Paikea!)  I’m still looking for a back-up proofreader, though, so see the message below for more info.——————————– Here’s the last of the Hana-Kimi omakes.  My regular proofreaders are very busy for the next few weeks, so if one or two of you could proofread this and give me some feedback if there are errors, that would be great!  Also, if you would like to be a back-up proofreader in general, please send me a little e-mail.  It’d be much appreciated. Link to the … Continue reading Hana-Kimi May 2009 Omake

Hana-Kimi July 2008 Omake

  Here is the first of the three Hana-Kimi extra stories that were published after 2007.  This is a really good one and I wish it had been published while the series was still running so it could have been included in the Viz release. Link to the Hana-Kimi July 2008 Omake (Retired) Next up is “Orange Chocolate” chapter 6 followed by the Hana-Kimi omake from September 2008 (it’s very short at only 8-pages). Continue reading Hana-Kimi July 2008 Omake

Hana-Kimi Omakes

http://translations.omarissister.com/images/Wallpaper/One_Shots/HanaKimi/HanaKimi_July2008_Omake.zipI’ve been looking through my old magazines and I’ve found 3 Hana-Kimi omakes since the last one was scanlated in 2007.  They are: Hana to Yume Issue 15/2008 — Retired Za Hana to Yume Issue 9/25/2008 — Retired Hana to yume Issue 10/2009 — Retired If you are aware of anymore untranslated Hana-Kimi special chapters, please let me know by leaving a comment on this blog entry. I guess I’ll start in chronological order… Continue reading Hana-Kimi Omakes