"Fushigi no Maria-kun" Chapter 9 (End)

First a bit of business! If you enjoyed this series, please consider showing Dai-sensei some love by purchasing the books! Amazon JP: Volume 1/ Volume 2 YesAsia: Volume 1/Volume 2 —————— Hooray! Another series completed! I’d like to specially thank Ichigo Stars and Kurohaineko for taking on the horrendous redraws in this series. Thanks to them, we had pretty releases. Also thanks to Suzume, our main cleaner for this project, and Kumiko and Noir for “pinch-hitting.” Because of the difficulty of translation, redrawing, and lettering, we don’t plan to take on any new Shiina Dai series this year. We need a … Continue reading "Fushigi no Maria-kun" Chapter 9 (End)

Fushigi no Maria-kun Chapter 8

This is the second to last chapter of “Fushigi no Maria”. You can consider this the last of the arc started in chapter 7.  This chapter gets to the heart of Maria’s feelings about Toko. It’s quite sweet.  Also, there’s a good amount of comic relief provided by Simon and Maria’s mother. I enjoyed working on this chapter quite a bit. Onto the release!Link to “Fushigi no Maria” Chapter 8: (Zip) (PDF) — Please do not upload either of these files to any of the manga aggregation websites. Next up is the final chapter of “Fushigi no Maria.” It should … Continue reading Fushigi no Maria-kun Chapter 8

"Fushigi no Maria-kun" Chapter 7

This chapter begins a two chapter story arc and introduces a new character named Simon. I sorta wish Simon was introduced earlier, because he and Maria make a perfect comic duo.  I don’t want to say much about this chapter other than along with chapter 8, I enjoyed it very much.  I also received a lot of positive feedback on the chapter from the proofreaders.  So let’s just get on with the release!Links to “Fushigi no Maria-kun” chapter 7: (Zip) (PDF) Please do not upload either of these files to any of the manga aggregators. Next up will be the … Continue reading "Fushigi no Maria-kun" Chapter 7

"Fushigi no Maria-kun" Chapters 1 – 6

It just occurred to me that it’s been 9 months since the release of “Fushigi no Maria-kun” chapter 6. Therefore many of you may not have read “Fushigi no Maria-kun” or lost interest in the series.  I’m working on chapters 7, 8, and 9 simultaneously so they can be released within days of one another. To catch up or refresh you, here are links to bundled versions of “Fushigi no Maria-kun” chapters 1 – 6. (Zip)(PDF) Chapter 7 will be release next week, with chapters 8 and 9 following a few days after. Continue reading "Fushigi no Maria-kun" Chapters 1 – 6

"Fushigi no Maria-kun" Chapter 6

Sorry for the long wait.  I had a tough time with the translation because of all of the sexual subtext and mysterious casual male speech coming out of Teru’s mouth. A few pages have gone through 3 or 4 revisions.  I’d like to thank Jade, Katsuragi Mizuho, and DangoChan for helping me with the thorny parts of the chapter. Hopefully, we got most of the translation correct.  Unfortunately, chapter 7 isn’t going much better, but we’ll get through it. Dai-sensei got some CRAZY run on sentences and chopped of sentence fragments in the chapter that are slowing me down. On … Continue reading "Fushigi no Maria-kun" Chapter 6

"Fushigi no Maria-kun" Chapter 5

We are now on the second volume of “Fushigi no Maria-kun”!  There are nine chapters total in this series. Hopefully we’ll be able to finish it before the end of the year.  Haha! This is truly a challenging series. The redraws, translation, and typesetting are all horrendous.  But I think it’s worth it. This story is very heartwarming and Shiina Dai’s dialog is always a treat to translate. I wish it could have released this chapter in April since it’s a story about cherry blossom viewing.  My favorite part of this chapter is the conversation between Maria and Toko’s father.  … Continue reading "Fushigi no Maria-kun" Chapter 5

"Fushigi no Maria-kun" Bonus Story: "The Wounds that Cover Us" (Manshinsoui no Futari")

This is the extra short one-shot included in “Fushigi no Maria-kun” Volume 1.  It’s a cute little high school romance story.  I always like it when authors are able to tell a complete story in very few pages. Oh!  This is also the debut project for our newest typesetter, Rien!  Let’s all welcome Rien 🙂Links to “The Wounds that Cover Us”: (Zip) (PDF) The next chapter of “Fushigi no Maria-kun” will come out in March (hopefully). Continue reading "Fushigi no Maria-kun" Bonus Story: "The Wounds that Cover Us" (Manshinsoui no Futari")

"Fushigi no Maria-kun" Chapter 4

First of all, and this has nothing to do with “Fushigi no Maria-kun”, there’s a great Taiwanese live action version of “Skip Beat” in the middle of its run.  It’s up to episode 4.  If you aren’t watching it, go watch it!  It can be found in “the usual places” (don’t ask, because I’m not telling). And now onto “Fushigi no Maria-kun”! It’s been a while since we’ve had a chapter!  As I’ve written before, this series is a challenge in every way.  I’ll like to thank Noir and Ichi for doing a wonderful cleaning and redrawing this chapter.  They … Continue reading "Fushigi no Maria-kun" Chapter 4