"Seigi no Mikata!" Chapter 4 (End)

It’s time to say “goodbye” to our Cherry Blossom Hero.  Yep, this is the last chapter of “Seigi no Mikata!”  I wonder if we’ll see more of Mikata and S in the future.  The ending felt more like the end of a pre-quel than the end of a series.  Oh well, still it was a fun series to translate.  I won’t miss the typesetting though. In this final chapter we are introduced to some of the other heroes in neighboring communities and a mysterious new “hero” shows up.  Heheh…ooh, yeah, it’s beyond corny.  I so wanted Lily to be a … Continue reading "Seigi no Mikata!" Chapter 4 (End)

"Seigi no Mikata!" Chapter 3

Only one more chapter to go! This chapter deals with Kotarou’s family and centers mainly around his youngest brother Takuma. Kotarou’s family is pretty funny and Mitsubachi-sensei did a great job developing each child’s personalities despite the few pages available for this part of the story. I finally figured out what Sakuraiya’s speech is supposed to be.  In the previous two chapters I did a very literal translation because I didn’t know what to make of the speech and I considered the possibility that it could be pure nonsense.  Out of nowhere I remembered having plum trees in my parent’s … Continue reading "Seigi no Mikata!" Chapter 3

"Seigi no Mikata" Banners are Needed!!!

We’re winding up the last two chapters of “Seigi no Mikata” this week.  It would be great to have some banners to celebrate this great short series.  Here are some materials for you to work from (images are linked to full-size images): Banner specifications — Length: 1250-pixels Height: upto 350-pixels File Format: PSD preferred so I can make changes if needed. Otherwise, jpeg or png. Continue reading "Seigi no Mikata" Banners are Needed!!!

"Seigi no Mikata" Chapters 1 and 2

I’ve decided to move the foul-mouthed Cherry Blossom Warrior over to Omari’s Sister.  I will not be toning down any of the language, but I will add a warning to each release that there is foul language. Here are links to the first two chapters! “Seigi no Mikata” Chapter 1(PDF)“Seigi no Mikata” Chapter 2 (PDF) Chapter 3 will be coming out in June or July! Continue reading "Seigi no Mikata" Chapters 1 and 2

Sakuraiya Blooming!!!

Ah, yes!  Sakuraiya is blooming again ladies.  I’m working on chapter 2 as I type.  This is “Seigi no Mikata”, one of our series on “Bakeneko’s Lair“.  I’m sorry we couldn’t bring this bishie to Omari’s Sister.  Unfortunately, our hero, Mikata, has a habit of cussing like a sailor and I didn’t want to water it down ;p.  Anyhow…this series needs some fangirl love, so if this piques your interest, head on over to Bakeneko’s Lair to read the first chapter! Link to Seigi no Mikata Chapter 1 Continue reading Sakuraiya Blooming!!!