"LLLL" Chapter 4 (End) + Extras!!!

(W00t! Another series completed!!!!) Here’s the final chapter of “LLLL”!  Again, many thanks to Aricania for marathon typesetting.  She did a beautiful job.  Also thanks to the Peonine for her wonder translation, Zenny for script editing, and Akire, Julia, Silver Lunar, Lucy, Kumiko, and Ichigo Stars for cleaning and redrawing the series. This was such a lovely series and the extras topped it all off. I really liked the gentleness of the story and the artwork. I would love to see a live-action or animated adaptation of this short series. Because I liked this series so much, I’m looking into … Continue reading "LLLL" Chapter 4 (End) + Extras!!!

"LLLL" Chapter 3

With help from Aricania and Ichigo Stars, we are jamming through the rest of “LLLL”.  The final chapter will be out soon after Christmas Day. This chapter centers around Oregano’s relationship with her brother Ginger. I kinda want to see this played out some more, but this was good. And now onto the release! Links to “LLLL” chapter 3: (PDF) (Zip) Next up will be the final chapters of “LLLL” and “Wild Wing”.  After those two, we will resume our regular monthly series, beginning with the last two chapters of “Magnolia”. Continue reading "LLLL" Chapter 3

"LLLL" Chapter 2

While we have typesetters available, I decided to change the schedule and release the rest of “LLLL” and “Wild Wing” since they are already translated and cleaned. In the background we are working on our regular monthly releases, so January should have a bunch of releases.  Next week we may not have any releases because of the Christmas holiday, but we will make an effort to finish these two series by the end of the month. We continue on with “LLLL”. This story is so nice and pleasant, but at the same time quite moving in places.  I also feel … Continue reading "LLLL" Chapter 2

New Short Series: "LLLL" by Tei Ataru

  Update 12/21/2013: Updates terms “shades” and “dark lamps” to be consistent the rest of the chapters.———————————- We’ve been stewing on this series for a while. The chapters are all translated and the pages are cleaned and redrawn (for the most part >_>).  It’s just been that extra push to finish the chapters that’s eluded us.  Hopefully now that we’ve launched the series, we’ll get the next 3 chapters done soon. As I said in the title this is a short series.  There are only 4 chapters that ran in Avarus magazine (Mag Garden), and they are compiled into one … Continue reading New Short Series: "LLLL" by Tei Ataru