"many" Chapter 3 (End)

Here’s the last chapter of “many” and it’s a beach chapter!  Thanks again to Peonine for translating and Suzume for cleaning this project. This was a really cute short series.  I will say more “below the fold”. On to the release!Links to “many” chapter 3: (PDF) (Zip) My thoughts on the series (Highlight to see) —I was heartened to find a series that seemed to tastefully tell the story of a lesbian character, Tayama, dealing the object of her affection falling in love with a boy. I also liked the love-train of the sister’s twin brother being in love with … Continue reading "many" Chapter 3 (End)

"many" Chapter 2

Here’s chapter 2 of “many”. Thanks again to Peonine for translating, Suzume for cleaning, and Holanio for cleaning.  Hopefully we’ll be able to get the final chapter out sooner (depending on whether there’s an available typesetter.) Onto to the release!Links to “many” Chapter 2: (PDF) (ZIP) This is the beginning of another spurt of releases. Tomorrow we’ll release the first chapter of another new series, followed by “Magnolia” Chapter 34. Continue reading "many" Chapter 2

New Series: "many" Chapter 1 by Kakeru Tsutsumi

Tonight we are debuting a new short series “many”. It’s only three chapters long, and we anticipate releasing the next two chapters within this month (though I’m not promising that). Thanks to Peonine for a lovely translation, Suzume and Yoriko for cleaning and redrawing, and lastly to Holanio for typesetting. Retranslation Partners:La Noche de los Caidos — Spanish On to the release!Links to “many” Chapter 1: (Zip) (PDF) My thoughts on the first chapter:The lovely and delicate artwork attracted me to this mangaka. This series has a nice summer feel.  Typically, I don’t like high school love trains, but the … Continue reading New Series: "many" Chapter 1 by Kakeru Tsutsumi