"Wild Wing" Chapter 3 (end)

Happy New Year!  And now the final chapter of “Wild Wing”.  This started out as a oneshot in Shiro Lala 2011.  A few months later it became a short series that ran in Lala DX.  A big thanks to Jade for her wonderful translation and to Silver Lunar who cleaned the entire series.  Also thanks for Aricania who took time out of her winter break to typeset the rest of this series and “LLLL”. If you like this series, please show your support with your dollars! Here are some links to purchase: Purchase: Amazon JP / Yes Asia ($6.99!) And … Continue reading "Wild Wing" Chapter 3 (end)

"Wild Wing" Chapter 2

It’s been well over a year since we released the “Wild Wing” oneshot.  This is one of those oneshots that unexpectedly became a series.  Rest assured, we’ll have the third and final chapter out very soon (hopefully within the next two weeks). Anyhow, the continuation of this series is pretty good.  I think this chapter is better than the first chapter.  There a bit of cliffhanger at the end, so I’m eager to get to the final chapter too. A big thanks goes out to Silver Lunar for cleaning and redrawing this beast (with a little help from Ichigo Stars). … Continue reading "Wild Wing" Chapter 2

Omari’s Sister 3rd Anniversary Celebration Begins! One-Shot: "Wild Wing" by Yumi Kiiro

First of all, a teaser for our new series coming in June. Linky-link! Omari’s Sister started doing scanlations back on June 26, 2009.  At that time it was a one-person group and the first project was Ouran High School Host Club chapter 71. I only did that scanlation because I was tired of waiting for chapters to be released. I had no intention of taking this any further. But then true to shoujo scanlation culture, some friction arose over Ouran and the prideful and stubborn side of me took hold and I continued on with Ouran. I admit at that … Continue reading Omari’s Sister 3rd Anniversary Celebration Begins! One-Shot: "Wild Wing" by Yumi Kiiro