"Lip Smoke" Chapter 4 (end)

First at bit of business. If you enjoyed “Lip Smoke”, please let the mangaka and publisher know with your dollars.  This is especially important so the publisher knows that we want more content like this.  The “Lip Smoke” book compilation will be be released on April 18th.  It is available now for pre-order on Amazon.jp.  I you would like to piggyback order “Lip Smoke” through me, I can offer a price of $12 including shipping to US customers (International would be $18). Send me an e-mail if you are interested. Payments will be handled through Paypal. Pre-order/ Purchase: Amazon JP … Continue reading "Lip Smoke" Chapter 4 (end)

"Lip Smoke" Chapter 3

It’s slow going now that we are into the holiday season. Hopefully we can get some extra help during the second half of the month for January and February releases.  For now, though, we’ll go along at a leisurely pace. I’ve got some real life to deal with and hubby and I keep fighting seasonal colds and stomach flus T_T. This is the Seta Porn chapter. That is all. Onto the release!Links to “Lip Smoke” Chapter 3: (PDF) (Zip) Next up will be the last two chapters of “Magnolia” and possibly a oneshot on Bakeneko’s Lair. Continue reading "Lip Smoke" Chapter 3

"Lip Smoke" Chapter 2

“Lip Smoke” is more than just a oneshot! It’s currently being serialized in The Hana to Yume, which is a quarterly publication (once every 3 months).  The next The Hana to Yume is coming out on October 26th. This series is a pain to clean, so it’ll be release about a month after we get the raw.  Please don’t send e-mails, comments, or Tweets about where the next chapter is, because we have nothing to do with the Japanese quarterly release schedule. This chapter continues shortly after the first oneshot. For me, this chapter raised questions about Iwato’s relationship with … Continue reading "Lip Smoke" Chapter 2