Happy New Year from Your Favorite Lala and Lala DX Mangakas!

Here are some New Year’s messages from some of the artist featured in Lala and Lala DX magazine.  I didn’t have time to translate the messages and I don’t know if I will find time soon.   Anyhow, if you can’t read Japanese, then look at the pretty pictures and imagine that each one of them says “Happy New Year” + “Let’s do our best in the New Year”, because that pretty much sums them up (although a few are a little more personal and describe a major event for them in the 2010.) Anyhow…click on the images to see a … Continue reading Happy New Year from Your Favorite Lala and Lala DX Mangakas!

Hana to Yume Girly All-Star Calendar

Yay! Check out the lovely freebie calendar that comes with Hana to Yume issue 1/2011!  I will be making wallpaper after I get through with the high priority releases for this month.  Anyhow, if you want your own calendar to hang on your wall, buy yourself a copy of the magazine.  I bought mine at Sanseido Book Store.  Unfortunately, Amazon Japan doesn’t stock Hana to Yume, so I can’t provide you with a link.  Akadot, though, does stock the magazine, but it comes in stock 4 – 6 weeks after the Japanese release.  I will provide a link to Akadot … Continue reading Hana to Yume Girly All-Star Calendar

Desktop Wallpapers on The Otaku

Here’s a convenient place to get Omari’s Sister’s desktop wallpapers!  This website conveniently generates the wallpaper in many sizes.  Hopefully, you’ll find one that fits your needs. Link to Kuroneko003 portfolio on The Otaku. I also added this link to the far right had side bar under “Desktop Wallpaper.” Someone requested another ZHD wallpaper…I’ll see what I can do about it ;p.  I can’t promise anything, though. Continue reading Desktop Wallpapers on The Otaku