Another "Furou Kyoudai" Extra Story

This is the extra story that appeared in Hana to Yume magazine and in the “Unknown” series compilation. Again… the potential for expanding the series beyond 5 chapters is shown.  I really, really, wish this series were longer. Kyouko and Daisuke and their relationship is so interesting. *Sniffle* And with this we wrap up the “Furou Kyoudai” project! Again, thanks to everyone who worked on the series.  Great job! On to the release!Links to “Furou Kyoudai” Extra Story: (LQZip) Next up will be Magnolia chapter 29. Look for it to release tomorrow! Continue reading Another "Furou Kyoudai" Extra Story

"Chibikko Furou Kyoudai" — Furou Kyoudai Omake

This is the extra story from the “Furou Kyoudai” compilation. The other extra story is in “Unknown”.  This one is a story from the twins’ childhood.  Again, this shows the potential of expanding the story.  After the main story, there are some messages from the mangaka and a couple of one-page extra comics.  Hopefully we will be able to release the second extra story this week.  Anyhow, onto the release!Links to “Chibikko Furou Kyoudai”: (LQZip) (PDF) Next up!  “Magnolia” Chapter 29 and “Pochamani” Chapter 6 are currently being worked on. They could both be release this week. Continue reading "Chibikko Furou Kyoudai" — Furou Kyoudai Omake

"Furou Kyoudai" Chapter 5 (End)

At last, the final chapter of “Furou Kyoudai”! This wraps up the arc started in chapter 4. As usual with these one volume series, I feel like this first volume was a prelude to a longer story.  I wish this series could have been extended to see what would have happened to the twins if one or both of them fell in love. Regardless, it was a sweet short series and I enjoyed it. Let’s give a big thanks to Kotomi and Jade for translating the series, Kumiko for working redraw miracles on the series and soon-to-be-released extra stories, Kuro … Continue reading "Furou Kyoudai" Chapter 5 (End)

"Furou Kyoudai" Chapter 4

Here we are at chapter 4. These last two chapters have a story arc. This chapter makes me think that this series could have continued further than 5 chapters. It’s kind disappointing when you consider the potential of the Furou twins and their predicament. I imagine some of the potential story material was used for the series after this one called “Unknown”. And now onto the release!Links to “Furou Kyoudai” Chapter 4: (Zip) (PDF) Next up will be chapter 5 tomorrow. Continue reading "Furou Kyoudai" Chapter 4

"Furou Kyoudai" Chapter 3

First! a bit of business! New items and books have been added to the Omari’s Sister Store.  Please take a look and see if there are goodies you want to add to your collection. (LINK) Also exciting announcements were made in earlier posts.  Check them out then squeal with joy. —————————And now comes the march to finish “Furou Kyoudai”.  All the chapters in the main story are complete, but I’m gonna do daily releases like what was done for KKZoo. This is an interesting chapter. The Furou twins confront the appearance of incest in their relationship. Their solution is not … Continue reading "Furou Kyoudai" Chapter 3

Furou Kyoudai and Rex Fabula Banners are Needed

To celebrate the acceleration of these two series, it would be great to have some wonderful banners to go with the releases. Here are the Requirements: Height: Up to 350-pxWidth: 1250-pxFile Formats: PSD (preferred with separate text layer), JPEG, PNG Here are some images to get you started (click on the image to download full-size image): Continue reading Furou Kyoudai and Rex Fabula Banners are Needed

"Furou Kyoudai" Chapter 2

It’s been a while since the original oneshots came out. Again, we’re sorry for the delay, but we’re working to finish the series quickly. We’re well on our way to finishing the main story. This chapter brought tears to my eyes by the end. It’s very sweet. This chapter also has a lot of humor. Anyhow, moving onto the release!Link to “Furou Kyoudai” chapter 2: (Zip) (PDF) Next up will be “The Ghost Apartment Manager” chapter 11. It’s the chapter that is closest to completion and should be released by Friday. Continue reading "Furou Kyoudai" Chapter 2

"Scarecrow of Oz" and "Furou Kyoudai" Update

The “Scarecrow of Oz” compilation book is scheduled to go on sale on June 20th.  There’s no listing yet, but since “Furou Kyoudai” came out after, then the compilation should go on sale sometime in July.  This means we can start “The Scarecrow of Oz” in July and then “Furou Kyoudai” will start in August.  I’m very happy about this!  It means we can deliver a high quality version of these short series with out killing ourselves.  When the books do come out, I will, of course, post links so you can purchase your own copies :). Continue reading "Scarecrow of Oz" and "Furou Kyoudai" Update