"Servamp" has been licensed in English by Seven Seas Entertainment

W00t! Another OS/CF series has been licensed! I’m happy to see so many of the series we’ve championed get licensed! The first volume will release in March 2015. Here is some more information from Seven Seas Entertainment (LINK). If you enjoyed this series, please purchase the licensed version and support Tanaka Strike and Seven Seas! We will now remove “Servamp” from our server, like we always do when a series get licensed. Continue reading "Servamp" has been licensed in English by Seven Seas Entertainment

"Servamp" Chapter 3

I sincerely apologize for the slow pace at which we are releasing this series. Hopefully we’ll be able to release chapters 4 and 5 before the end of the year.  We’re really working hard now on finishing our shorter series and on the one-shots that have been stewing on my desk for months.  Regardless, the group loves this series, so sooner or later we’ll accelerate the series and catch up (along with Rex Fabula and Ore to Atashi no Kareshi-sama). Anyhow…we get more information about the new cackling Servamp that showed up at the end of chapter 2.  He’s kind … Continue reading "Servamp" Chapter 3

We’re Bringing "Servamp" to Omari’s Sister

As you may know we are taking a different tack with “Bakeneko’s Lair.”  As such we are bringing the current series we run there back to Omari’s Sister.  “Bakeneko’s Lair” will continue, but it will truly be targeted at readers older than age 16.  Chapter 3 of “Servamp” is well on its way to being done.  It has just been sent to the typesetter and should be ready for release in 2 to 3 weeks.  Until then, please refresh yourselves or catch-up on the series: “Servamp” chapter 1 “Servamp” chapter 2 Continue reading We’re Bringing "Servamp" to Omari’s Sister