Valentine’s Day Special One-Shot: "Ginrou no Sakura"

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! This was a big group effort to complete.  Nearly every page had a complicated redraw and I want to thank the Kumiko, Ichigo Stars, and Silver Lunar for taking on and conquering the challenge this one-shot presented. I also give praise to Hibiki-sensei for writing and illustrating a beautiful story.  Hibiki-sensei’s current series are “Oiran Girl” and “Shounen Dolls” which run in Japanese language Lala and Lala DX magazines.  Please support her by purchasing her manga. (Link to purchase Hibiki Wataru series at Yes Asia) And  now for the links: Links to “Ginrou no Sakura”: (Zip) … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Special One-Shot: "Ginrou no Sakura"