"Kisu ni Renzoku" is on hold pending the Release of Volume 2

We are putting “Kisu ni Renzoku”, the webcomic by Yuu Toyota, on hold until we are sure the volume 2 tankoubon is going to be released.  We cannot finish the series without a paper version. For obvious reasons, I’m not going to “force” images out of the Polaris website. We want to properly buy the book. Anyone who wants to read the rest of the series can purchase the volume 1 compilation and then read the rest of the series in Japanese on the Polaris website. If another group would like to take on this project, please let me know, … Continue reading "Kisu ni Renzoku" is on hold pending the Release of Volume 2

"Pochamani" Chapter 11

As stated before, this is the last chapter of “Pochamani” that Crimson Flower will translate.  After reading this chapter, I think it will be clear to most people why this a good and natural place to end the story. I really don’t understand why the series was expanded from here other than for money. It would have been a really sweet short series. Anyhow, for my own sake I want to end here because I don’t want my beautiful memories of this series stained by the ridiculous shark jumping that happens after this. We have no intention of passing the … Continue reading "Pochamani" Chapter 11

"Pochamani" Chapter 10

Continuing on with the resolution of the Valentine’s Day incident… Haha! Part of me wishes Tsumugi would beat the crap out of Yuri.  But Tsumugi’s a gentle girl, so she handles it the way she handles everything else. And without much delay, on to the release!Links to “Pochamani” Chapter 10: (PDF) (Zip) Next up will be “Pochamani” Chapter 11! Continue reading "Pochamani" Chapter 10

New Series: "Kisu ni Renzoku — Kneel, and Obey a Kiss" by Yuu Toyota

Let’s get December started! I’ve been waiting for seemingly FOREVER for this series to come out in tankoubon form.  It’s been out as a free online comic for about a year, but the image quality is not what we like for our translations (and I don’t like breaking DRM).  With that in mind, if you must spoil yourself, volume 2 is available in Japanese on the Polaris Comics website (LINK). Updates are never on time, so it’s best to subscribe to the series RSS feed to keep up with the latest chapters.  If you would like to own you own … Continue reading New Series: "Kisu ni Renzoku — Kneel, and Obey a Kiss" by Yuu Toyota

"Kerberos in the Silver Rain" Chapter 2

And now, for a change of pace, we have the next chapter “Kerberos in the Silver Rain”. This chapter has a brief adult moment, but I don’t think it’ll do any permanent damage given what’s shown on US television these days. In this chapter our highly skill commandos head into Forbidden Zone 03 to take on the infiltrators! This is one of the few action mangas that I can follow the action in the drawings. I love the drawing and sound effect style. Page 27 is especially nice :3. A big thanks goes out to Ichigo Stars for beautifully completing … Continue reading "Kerberos in the Silver Rain" Chapter 2

"Nanatsu no Kururi" Chapter 2

Updated 10/3/2013:  Page 10 stitch completed. For those archiving the series, you should re-download. Here is the second chapter of “Nanatsu no Kururi”.  It’s a short, but sweet chapter showcasing more of Sumire’s incredible kindness. I love how he doesn’t judge the subject of this story.  In a way it seems almost like a Biblical New Testament parable. If only people in real life were this lovely. And now onto the release!Links to “Nanatsu no Kururi”: (PDF) (Zip) Next up! I don’t know!  Hee!  Regardless we’re at least 3 days away from being able to release something. Continue reading "Nanatsu no Kururi" Chapter 2

"Pochamani" Chapter 8

Updated 9/6/2013 — Three missing pieces of text and SFX added, but nothing that impacts the story.——————————  Moving along with “Pochamani”, we finally get to meet Tsumugi’s family. Tsumugi’s family is fun and very realistic. Their dinner conversation reminded of how the conversations around my family’s dinner table degrade to TMI territory.  I was laughing hysterically as I was translating, because I couldn’t believe what was being said! This is a nice rest before the next story arch begins.  Personally, the next story arc makes me want to put my fist through my monitor to punch a certain new character. … Continue reading "Pochamani" Chapter 8