Ouran Bookmarks from Lala Special

It you want this set of bookmarks, order yourself a copy of the December 2010 issue of the Lala Special. Links: Lala Special from Amazon Japan: LinkLala Special from Akadot: (I’ll post the link when it’s in stock) The short special Ouran chapter will be released tomorrow along with the preview for the 60-page one-shot sequel coming in Lala 3 in late January 2011. Continue reading Ouran Bookmarks from Lala Special

Lala Issue 8/2010 Freebies

Here are some pictures of the loot in Lala issue 8/2010.  If you want some loot, go buy a magazine and enjoy the lovely “Vampire Knight” cover illustration (that bullet is very lucky): “Gakuen Babysitters” stickers! Nyanko-Sensei pens! These pens are super cute, but in reality they are only 4-inch long. Where to buy Lala Magazine: Here’s a link to Lala 8 on Amazon Japan: Link Also, you can currently get copies in the US at Sanseido Bookstores: Link (I suggest you call to make sure you order the right magazine issue) Or, in about 3-weeks is should be available … Continue reading Lala Issue 8/2010 Freebies