More Ouran Chp 71

Ouran Chp 71 is giving me fits!!!! Anyhow, I managed to “decipher” 7 more pages tonight.

Where I last left off, Haruhi was talking sensibly about how Hani and Mori should be concerning themselves with preparing to enter the university. As she and Kyoya speak, Hani and Mori are having a great time on a sofa enjoying the club activities. Hani is cheerful, as usual, and Mori is expressionless. Haruhi says to Kyoya, “My mistake. No matter how I look at it they seem immersed in having fun.” Above Hani and Mori’s heads it reads, “Worries about retiring from the club: ZERO” Kyoya responses, “It doesn’t seem like they’re prepared.”

A shy girl approaches Mori and says, ” Mori, …, um you’re leaving the club so we’ll not meet, but … how can you be so cheery?” Mori takes some time to consider and then says, “… aaa … Oh, I see. It’s like eventhough the majority of people will be progressing to the same university, we will be in different departments. Come to think about it, we’ll not be able to meet.” Mori is rattled for some reason and drops his cup (though he still looks expressionless).

Haruhi and Kyoya are still looking in on Hani and Mori. Now the twins have just joined. Kaoru asks whether Mori is ok. Kyoya answers that Mori is tired because he’s at his limit from being rushed with martial arts and fist fight challenges from underclassmen. The twins follow up with an inquiry about Hani. Kyoya smartly answers, “In Hani-sempai’s case, discretion is the reason he has freetime.” Haruhi then asks Mori what he intends to do. Enter Nekozawa who asks what department Hani and Mori will be in. Hani enthusiastically announces that he’s going into engineering (go Engineering!!! Nevermind that engineering sucks the life out of students. They truly never will see each other in college, says this engineering grad) because he loves to make stuff. His goal is make cars and toys to start Haninozuka Racing and a Haninozuka Toy factory. Everyone, of course, is very surprised — who knew? Haruhi then asks Mori whether he’s going into engineering too. Mori says he’s going into law. Everyone is shocked. Hani says to Mori, “Really? then we’ll by in different departments in April.” Double take, huh?!!! The Mori-Hani Combo is breaking up!!!?? Really!!!?

Later … Mori is taking on challengers at the kendo club. He easily beats a second year. Haruhi hears Mori’s voice and she, the twins, Kyoya, and Tama come to see what’s going on. Hikaru asks where Hani is. Kyoya tells him that Hani couldn’t wait so he’s in the dining hall eating cake. The twins observe the situation and see that Mori has a long line of challengers to fight against and decide that Hani had a point. Meanwhile Tama is blubbering again. “Soon this kendo club will not see Mori-sempai’s gallant figure, ” he says though his tears. Hikaru asks Tama how long he intends to cry. Tama says he can’t help crying because it’s sad. He’s sad because Hani and Mori are graduating and even sadder because when they graduate, Hani and Mori will be separated. (Imagine the trauma Tama will suffer if his grandma forces Haruhi out of Ouran … I sense that Tama will snap and become a man over that.) The twin confirm they too are surprised by the separation, but they think Hani and Mori are fine with it … until they observe the situation again. Now Mori is beating the crap out of some poor kid with his kendo practice sword. “Maybe not?” they conclude. In walks Chika and Satoshi, Hani and Mori’s little brothers. Satoshi confirms that Mori is not fine with the situation … to be continued

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