Ouran 73 – Done

7/27: I finished translating the chapter. I found some translation errors in the stuff I’ve already translated, which I’m now in the process of correcting 🙂 (Don’t worry the corrections don’t impact the story). Yay! I’m learning! Anyway, if all goes well, I will post the entire chapter tomorrow.

Spoiler: The pesky one isn’t Tamaki’s grandmother, as we all expected, rather it’s Tamaki’s father (it seems that he is the true head of the family whether the grandmother accepts it or not) … though, I imagine in the chapters coming Tamaki’s grandmother is going to be a tough nut to crack. Knowing that Tamaki’s father is behind this all, makes me feel that nothing bad will happen to Tamaki or Haruhi or Tamaki x Haruhi. Tamaki just has to go through some trials to win over his grandmother. Then it’s a matter of him and Haruhi getting their act together.

Link to the Chp 73 (updated night of 7/28 with latest corrections and clarifications)*

Note: I took a little creative liberty with the term “Bump into Kiss” because the Japanese has it written in some messed up English as “Happening Kiss.” That makes no sense so I went with another phrase. I was debating whether to call it a “Meet Cute,” but then decided that “Bump into Kiss” was more fitting.

As always, if any of you catch a translation error, please be so kind as to send me a kind e-mail and I’ll fix it right away. I updated the file to include everything I’ve translated so far. Again, remember, this is about an 80% translation, but hopefully, I’ve managed to capture spirit of things so we all can know what’s going on with story in real-time until Viz publishes the English version. Also, I believe this is good practice, so hopefully, my translations will improve as I continue to grind away.

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