5 thoughts on “Arakure Chp 39 Translation

  1. Volumes 6 and 7 are out in English from VIZ under the title “Wild Ones.” Please purchase these volumes and support the author or read the volumes at your local library.

  2. @Lizarazu It looks like you already have some of my scans on your site without my permission. Regardless, thank you for asking. You may post my projects. Please keep up the versions, as I do make corrections when translation errors are discovered. Follow my Twitter for posting updates.

  3. I'm sorry for that. The fact is that on AnimeA anybody can upload, without even registration. Sudently, the site gathered a lot of chapters and I tried to keep up with everything but there were too many and the staff on AnimeA changed as well.
    Thanks for the understanding and also for letting the site host your projects. If there is any problem, please post a message on the blog I have here or at my e-mail: lizarazu@animea.net .

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