Arakure Chp 41 Translation

Here’s “Arakure” chapter 41. I put some notes in the back describing a couple of animals in this chapter. Consult the notes of you don’t know what these animals are. I also encourage you to Google them as they are quite strange.

Anyhow, this is somewhat of a continuation of Yuzuki’s story, but this time Sachie and Rakuto are more involved. It seems that in this chapter, everyone gets their signals mixed up. The interaction between Rakuto and Azuma is quite entertaining.

Link to Arakure chp 41

As usual, please do not post this to any manga aggregators without my permission. You, may link to this blog entry, though. Also, if you find any mistakes, please leave a kind comment or send my a nice little e-mail and I will address the mistake.

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