Arakure chp 42 Translation

Update:  09/12/2009 — Thanks to yourojousama who noticed page 21 was missing.   I have added page 21 to the original file.  It can be downloaded via the link below.

Here’s Arakure Chp 42.  We see some more progress between Sachie and Rakuto.  It seems that it’s Sachie’s turn to start figuring out how she feels.  This story arc goes for quite a few a chapters, so hang in there while I will do my best to get them out in a timely manner, since I, too, am eager to know how this will all turn out.  Haha!!  Rest assured volume 8 will be out in the US from Viz in early October.  At that time I will kill the links, and all of you who can, should go and support the author by purchasing the manga.

Link to chp 42 v2 (09/12/2009)

As usual, please do not upload this to any of the manga aggregator sites without my permission.  Also, if you detect any errors, please leave me a comment or a kind e-mail and I will address the error ASAP.

5 thoughts on “Arakure chp 42 Translation

  1. Thank you so much for your Arakure releases. I was wondering however, if you could please consider releasing chapters 29-38, which have not been released by any group. I'm afraid to read your scans without knowing what happened in these previous chapters.

  2. @cakie4me — I'm glad you enjoy enjoy “Arakure.” I have not scanlated chp 29 – 38 and I do not intend to. Those chapters have already been published in English by Viz under the title “Wild Ones”. Volumes 6 and 7 are available for purchase in the US. Outside of the US, you can purchase the manga from various online sources like Amazon. Please support the author by purchasing the manga.

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