Arakure Chp 48 Translation

Here’s the scanlation for Arakure Chp 48.  In this chapter Azuma continues to sacrifice himself … poor boy …

Link to Arakure Chp 48 (11/10/2009 version 2 — corrected temple name)

If you are curious about the Yasui Konpira Temple, here a link for more information.

There are now only 8 more chapters of Arakure to go!  Yep, the story is winding up soon!  In the next chapter Rakuto makes a big announcement (yep … an agonizing cliff hanger).

LalaDX 11 (ZHD chp 13) will be delivered to me on the Wednesday (I ended up ordering it, along with “Ultimate Venus” Vol 8, from Amazon Japan), so until then, I will be working on translating Arakure Chp 49 and completing the “Sugar Sugar Rune” wallpaper I started.

3 thoughts on “Arakure Chp 48 Translation

  1. Thanks again for translating volumes 9 and 10! I already bought vol8 online and I'm waiting for it to arrive! Scanlation is great to fulfill inmediate need, but it's also great to have the manga! He!

  2. Just wanted to say thanks for the translations – I do buy the official releases as soon as they are available in English (and will of course buy the last two, too), but it's killing me to wait for what happens next! I want to know! =)

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