For the Holiday Season — "Yoroshiku Master" is a Go!

It’s the holiday season and what better way to spend it than with Christmas themed manga! “Yoroshiku Master” only has 5 chapters and a short special left (Chp 8 – 12 — Volume 3?) so I will go ahead and complete the series starting this month through January. 

After that, I will begin a new series.  “V.B. Rose” is temporarily out because it’s lowest ranked on the survey and it looks like volume 7 is coming out the first week of January.  This leaves “Toshokan Sensou” and “Shitsuji-sama no Okiniiri”  From the survey it looks like either is acceptable.  I was thinking of doing both in an chapter by chapter alternate fashion.  I don’t know if I can pull that off though …

3 thoughts on “For the Holiday Season — "Yoroshiku Master" is a Go!

  1. I got volume 3 and there is no chapter 8. Rather there's a “special” chapter between 7 and 9. There are also one-shots associated with this series. I have the Lala DX volumes with them, so I'll get the specials from them. The books are cleaner, so I'll use those for the raw.

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