Lala Jan 2010 Issue Calendar

One of the great things about getting Japanese manga magazine are the enclosed freebies.  In Lala 01/2010, the freebie was a beautiful set of 2010 calendar post cards.  I’ve turned them in 1920-pixel width wallpaper for your laptop or PC desktop.  

If you want your own set of cards, but live outside of Japan, you can buy the Jan 2010 issue of Lala online at Amazon Japan, Sanseido Books (inside of the Mitsuwa Marketplace), and Akadot (it should be available there in 2 – 4-weeks).

I don’t why the Japanese publishers doesn’t concurrently publish the magazines in English in paper or electronically.  They’re leaving money on the table …

    7 thoughts on “Lala Jan 2010 Issue Calendar

    1. Thanks for the calendar! I was supposed to buy the New Year issues with the calendars as furoku but something came up and I had to miss out on them :0

      I guess I'll have them buy them in the auctions in the future…

      Oh yes, thanks again!

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