"A Small World" — One Shot Translation

Yay!  Another rich granny to hate!  Haha!!!  I sorta feel like this story is a nice companion to the events happening currently in Ouran.   Anyhow … Mariko-chan suggested this one-shot.  Thank you sooo much!  It’s a great story and I loved reading and translating it!  So here it is for Mariko and whoever else wants to read it:

Link to “A Small World” 

I’m still waiting for a response from my second proofreader.  If there are any changes from her, there will be a version 1.

Also, if there are any other one-shots you think I should check out, let me know!  I really liked reading this one :).

10 thoughts on “"A Small World" — One Shot Translation

  1. Yay! xD

    A oneshot suggestion? How about Reindeer of Folktales? It's already scanned at MH and it's from Lala . . .or was it Lala DX *gets confused with the two* It looks cute~ And a nice Christmas special ;D

  2. It was a wonderful one-shot! 😀 Thanks for scanlating it *___* Nishikata-sensei has lots more to improve – art-wise. The art reminds me of her previous series' (Cyboy: Kaizou Shounen and some other one). I don't know how to describe it but, her art can be messy and confusing. The male characters she draw are very feminine (Yaoi feeling from me) and the females looks boyish. By the way, are the one-shots from the Christmas furoku booklet any good?

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