Hana-Kimi Omakes

http://translations.omarissister.com/images/Wallpaper/One_Shots/HanaKimi/HanaKimi_July2008_Omake.zipI’ve been looking through my old magazines and I’ve found 3 Hana-Kimi omakes since the last one was scanlated in 2007.  They are:

  • Hana to Yume Issue 15/2008 — Retired
  • Za Hana to Yume Issue 9/25/2008 — Retired
  • Hana to yume Issue 10/2009 — Retired

If you are aware of anymore untranslated Hana-Kimi special chapters, please let me know by leaving a comment on this blog entry.

I guess I’ll start in chronological order…

7 thoughts on “Hana-Kimi Omakes

  1. @Aude H — I can't see what's available without getting an account. I don't want to get an account for Mangatraders. I know there are some omakes from 2007 and earlier already published. Since I don't see the omakes I've listed available, I will proceed.

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