Orange Chocolate Chapter 7 Preview

Here’s the preview for Orange chapter 7.  It’s taking a long time to clean and edit the imges, so please be patient.  A couple of this page took me 4-hours each to prepare!  UGH!  Anyhow, the art in this chapter is GORGEOUS!!!  I’ve saved the best image for the actual, release ;p.  As usual, click on the images to see them full size!

Hopefully with the help of two cleaners we can get this out before the end of the week (Sunday).  We’ll see…

4 thoughts on “Orange Chocolate Chapter 7 Preview

  1. This cover is gorgeous! *O*
    And you're saying we have yet to see the best parts… I can't wait!
    But take your time, it will make the chapter even better. 😉
    I love OC. The story keeps getting more interesting and the art is awesome. But editing it properly must take a lot of time.
    It's impressive than you can release it so frequently.

  2. @Caroline — the problems are so severe with OC chp 7 that I have no choice but to take my time. I'll do a separate little post to help everyone understand why this is going to take a while.

    Yesterday, I got so frustrated with a gradient area fill, that I gave up and redrew it, complete with screen dots. Basically, the problem stems from an ink and media problem when it was printed. The media is absorbed the ink too deeply into the fibers so the backside shows through if it's dark. It's actually quite bizarre, because the dot gain from printing is actually well controlled. The paper, itself, though, is quite course. Lala took a different trade-off. The paper for that mag is a lot smoother, but the dot gain is horrible leading to a generally degraded image, but very little backside bleed through. (Forgive me — I'm a former engineer for a large company that manufactures printers so I know A LOT about these kinds of things).

  3. Wow. Hmm. I have to admit you kind of lost me during your explanation^^'. You really are knowledgeable about this subject!
    I'm not fluent in english so when explanations bacome too technical, I have troubles following.
    But I got the general idea. If the problem comes from the paper in itself, there's nothing you can do to prevent it. That must be frustrating.

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