Hana-Kimi May 2009 Omake

Update:  Wow!  You all are so great!  I got a proofread on this quite quickly! (Cheers to Paikea!)  I’m still looking for a back-up proofreader, though, so see the message below for more info.
Here’s the last of the Hana-Kimi omakes.  My regular proofreaders are very busy for the next few weeks, so if one or two of you could proofread this and give me some feedback if there are errors, that would be great!  Also, if you would like to be a back-up proofreader in general, please send me a little e-mail.  It’d be much appreciated.

Link to the Hana-Kimi May 2009 Omake (Retired)

I’ve also included a lovely wallpaper with all your favorite Hana-Kimi boys (sorry, Nanba not included).

And now back to “Orange Chocolate!” Speaking of “Orange Chocolate” I just got the raw for chapter 16 today and Chiro and Ritsu do a photo shoot dressed as Alice and the Mad Hatter!  As usual, the drawings are gorgeous!  But alas, that’s some time off, since I’m just now starting chapter 8…T_T…

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