8 thoughts on “Kuroneko003’s Appendix = Fail, Surgery = Success!

  1. Sorry to startle you. My appendix did indeed fail. I had an awful Friday night and a worst Saturday. But a good doctor took the stinker out, patched me up, and gave me some good meds. I hope to be back on my computer full time by Wednesday :).

  2. I just saw your email and I was like: WHAT????!!!! O_O You have a super serious illness (anything that requires surgery is SUPER serious to me) and we didn't even know about it O_O;;;;

    Well, I'm happy that you're doing well now. Take translating off your mind for a while and rest. Don't imitate me… ever xD Hahahaha! *also having health problems yet very very stubborn*

  3. I saw the title and was SO worried. Glad to hear you made it out of surgery okay and that you're healing well! Sending good vibes up to you, too!

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