8 thoughts on “Kuroneko003’s Appendix = Fail, Surgery = Success!

  1. Sorry to startle you. My appendix did indeed fail. I had an awful Friday night and a worst Saturday. But a good doctor took the stinker out, patched me up, and gave me some good meds. I hope to be back on my computer full time by Wednesday :).

  2. I just saw your email and I was like: WHAT????!!!! O_O You have a super serious illness (anything that requires surgery is SUPER serious to me) and we didn't even know about it O_O;;;;

    Well, I'm happy that you're doing well now. Take translating off your mind for a while and rest. Don't imitate me… ever xD Hahahaha! *also having health problems yet very very stubborn*

  3. I saw the title and was SO worried. Glad to hear you made it out of surgery okay and that you're healing well! Sending good vibes up to you, too!

  4. OMG, what a surprise for all of us! Mind you, you get to take the brunt of it. Heal fast, and may your stitches not itch.

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