"Kaichou-san no Konenko" Chp 2 Preview

I scanned the second chapter from a “Animal Special” comic book that came with an issue of either “Hana to Yume” or “BetsuHana,”  but I translated it from the tankoubon.  As I edit the manga, I’ve noticed that the two are slightly different…eh-heh-heh…oh well.  I prefer the tankouban version because it’s more decorated than the “Animal Special” version…sigh.  Why did this happen?  Well, the tankouban was nearly impossible to scan without dissecting the book.  Oh well…here’s a preview of what’s coming up next in “Kaichou-san no Koneko:”

Cleaning is coming along nicely with lots of help from Silver Lunar, so I expect to meet the release date of 4/9.  This time, there’s not much focus on the kitten, but rather the focus is on Reiichirou and Kotoko and Kotoko’s “special” brother.  I imagine you can all guess what’s going to happen.

I can’t decide whether to do the omake before chp 3.  In a way I want to get to chapter 3 immediately because it is very funny, very sweet, and provides the ending we all want (except for Pyro…). I suppose since it’s only 8-pages, I could include the omake with the release of chapter 3…hmmm…The problem is getting a good scan without destroying the book…

5 thoughts on “"Kaichou-san no Konenko" Chp 2 Preview

  1. “(except for Pyro…). “
    LOLz~ If it is what I think it is, I don't think I'd hate it, just disappointed. Romance sometimes ruins a good shoujo series =_= *likeCOUGHouranCOUGH*

    By the way, WHY IS THE OLDER BROTHER NOT IN THE PREVIEW???? xD THE SUSPENSE ON WHAT HE'LL BE LIKE IS KILLING ME!!! xD LOLz…. I can FEEL that I will like him more, if not as much, as Kaichou xD Hehehehe~

    Oh yeah, quick proofread (didn't bother to see the bigger version of the images, so I didn't read those in small text):
    “the president forget”
    -> the president forgot
    “consider how you got to the..”
    ->consider how you got into the… (sounds better to me… or maybe it's just me)

  2. @Pyro — heheh, I can't say I agree about Ouran, though, my feeling still is anybody except Tamaki x Haruhi. Oh well, …Ouran is what it is…

    “forget”/forgot taken care of. I'm still considering your second suggestion.

    @DameBoudicca — INDEED!

  3. @ K3
    I think I'm one of those very few people who doesn't like the romance in Ouran…. especially Tamaki x Haruhi!!!! *slashed by the fans*
    It was cute before…. but now… uuuuggghh….. (and what infuriated me the most is that it had affected the relationship of my twins negatively at one time. AAARRGGH!!! Yes, it's me and my hitachiin twins bias xD) I really think hatori-sensei's better in comedy and friendship stuff.
    Ack… enough Ouran rant xD

    ETA Sunday huh… so that's most likely Monday in my timezone…. I have no work on that day so I guess I could make it, hehe~

  4. @Pyro: I agree with you on the twins things. I didn't like the chapters were they were hurting over Haruhi. Even now it's hard to bear as Hikaru puts on a brave face.

    I think the problem is usually in a clique of friend that's all boys and one girl, as soon as one of them falls for the girl, the clique disintegrates. I guess that's what happened in Ouran, which essentially means the Host Club has to end (and dear GOD has it been “ending” for a long time…)

    As for KNK chp 2…It will be ready to proofread about this time tomorrow :).

    I'm currently translating OC Chp 11. Good stuff in this chapter :).

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