"Seirei Produce" Chapter 6

Hopefully this isn’t the last of “Seirei Produce.”  Anyhow, in this chapter, Amane continues to “rock” the school girl uniform.  You have to admire his unwavering confidence.  Plus, there’s more of the handsome Ookami the Blue.

Links to “Seirei Produce” chapter 6:  (Zip) (PDF)

I’ll keep my eyes open for any more news on the continuation of “Seirei Produce” and I’ll update the status as soon as it changes.

Next up is the short Ouran omake from the latest issue of Lala Special.  After that will be either “Pika Ichi” chapter 4 or the long version of “Furou Kyoudai.”

10 thoughts on “"Seirei Produce" Chapter 6

  1. the next releases seem to be promising!
    I'm relieved that you will keep an eye on seirei produce's status. thanks for the chapter, I will read it now and guess I will be sad afterwards ,_,

  2. Pffff-! The expression on Amane's face on the front page just made me lol so hard xD

    Oh gawd, I really really do hope Seirei Produce is continuing. I ust love this series too much to not to! >__< And I can't wait to see the long version of Furou Kyodai~ xP Thank you so much! =D

  3. Daww!! Amane is a skirt works too well! Unfortunately, things are getting heated up and there's no chapter after this to follow it D;

    And less important things…
    003: “contiues” –> “continues”
    026: “Amanen~” (Is it supposed to be like that? xD)

  4. Damn my lack of attention span! * accidentally clicked on the Boo button* Dx

    But this release is anything but~ <3 <3 <3

    Thank you!!!

  5. That good that were appearing again hereabouts really they were surprised muchisimo I wait that not esten with a lot of problems and all the demas.
    Very good this one the update me rei enough ^^ wait to know since seral you bring near I am very grateful.
    Regards from chile

  6. yeah Amanen totally rocks the skirt.. i love this crazy funny series! the chapter ended with 'to be continued' so i'm crossing my fingers!! thanks for scanlating this and tracking it… ^^ (btw am also looking forward to the long version Furou Kyoudai.. its funny and quirky…) thank you very much!!

  7. I let just a comment to inform you that this manga is online in a manga aggregation site(I don't want to mention here so I can let you the name by an other way). I read you are against that so I just wanted to inform you about.
    Anaway thanks for the awesome work of your team.

  8. @hinata — I'm aware of the postings. I can't do anything about MangaReader because they don't have a “contact us” button. Hopefully, mooching websites like that will get shut down sooner than later…

  9. In fact I didn't spoke about Mangareader but an other : Manga Here, apparently there is a “contact us”, but well I don't know if they are going to do something about that …
    Thanks again for your work ^^

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