"Lily" in Itan Magazine!

Update!:  Lily Themed desktop wallpaper set!  (Link — the second button is the download button)
Our prayers have been answered!  It’s a Lily themed Magnolia companion series of extra stories!  Yes! It’s “Magnolia” from Lily’s perspective!  I will release this opening chapter with Magnolia Chp 6!  Unfortunately, Itan is only published every three months and the next one-shot will be in Itan 5, which means the next chapter of “Lily” won’t be out until the end of June.

3 thoughts on “"Lily" in Itan Magazine!

  1. Wow! More Magnolia goodness! Lily is a sweet character and I'm sure no one would object to some insight into her life~ Can't wait for the one-shots! (And the next chapter of Magnolia, of course xD)

  2. Definitively I am charmed with me the front page.
    Very pretty the style of drawing ^^
    That hurts that only is published every 3 months but I am charmed with.
    Regards from

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