New Series Trial: "Yukarism" Chapter 1

Here’s the first chapter of one of the series we are trialing called “Yukarism” by Chika Shiomi .  “Yukarism” is the story of a young man named “Yukari” who is born with the memories of his past life and so at the tender age of 17,  he is an Edo period novelist.  Yukari “meets cute” with Mahoro on the first day of the new school term and Yukari has the sense that even though he’s never met Mahoro, he’s knows her…and from there our story of the past and the present begins!

Links to “Yukarism” Chapter 1: LICENSED

Here are some links to supplementary information about Oiran vs. Geisha:

Geisha Dolls


Spoiler Alert!

My First Impressions of Yukarism:
The first thing that struck me about this series is the AMAZING artwork.
The kimonos, the Edo period scenery, and the character drawings are gorgeous!  As for the story, I think it has great potential.  Yukari is sufficiently mysterious and Mahoro is very likable.  I’m a sucker for past life stories with dual story lines in the past and present, especially when they involve a mystery around the death of the characters in their past lives.

I’ve already peeked at the next two chapters and artwork gets even more amazing.  Also, there is some rapid story development, so I know the first three chapters will be very good.  The question is whether this level of quality and detail can be maintained through the life of the series.  I guess we have to see.

Next up is the “Ouran” 60-page sequel one-shot!

22 thoughts on “New Series Trial: "Yukarism" Chapter 1

  1. Shiomi Chika-chan… Loved her Yurura and Rasetsu which I'm still buying. Her other other works are okay too so I know that if she released something then it's worth my read.

    Back to two titles again, good exchange of titles, lol xD

    PS: Did this series start instead of Kimi ni XOXO ? It may be the reason they decided to cut off the other mangaka since Chika-chan got a much bigger fanbase…

    PSS: First? 😛

  2. A super duper thank you for bringing us this series. I've always love and support Shiomi Chika's manga. Have all Yurara no Tsuki manga and hoping to collect Rasetsu No Hana too. And now this… lol… I look forward for another chapter of Yukarism.

  3. Wow! I really enjoyed this! The artwork is fantastic and the characters are interesting! It seems like a great series so far, please continue it! 😀

  4. Wow, amazing art work!
    Interesting first chapter as well, I'll be looking forward to the next chapter! 🙂
    Thanks for the Release!
    — Kaity

  5. Thank you so much! This was a very good introductory chapter in my opinion. Gorgeous and intriguing at the same time. It really made me want to know what happens next and how the characters will develop. I really like how the story goes back and forth (apparently) between the past and the present and how the main character traded their gender when they reincarnated. With such a starting point, this series could tackle many interesting themes and if the following chapters are as good as this one, it could be quite deep. I didn't know this author but I think I will check out her other works.

  6. As I have already stated, I found the turns of events interesting so I believe I'm going to continue to read it. ^_^ As for the art work.. yes, it is very pretty. I LOVE his hair and eye color.

    Thank you for introducing this to me!!

  7. Wow! I'm so excited. I love this mangaka's other works and this one is going to be just as interesting. You're absolutely right, the art is beautiful and the storyline is intriguing.

  8. Nice, I like it. The characters definitely seem to have a lot of potential.

    I think there is a problem with the PDF, though, several of the pages appear to be duplicated, and some may be missing.

  9. @Anonymous — I recreated the PDF again. I found two duplicate pages and deleted them. Hopefully, the file is now correct. For some reason Adobe had lots of trouble properly generating the PDF for this chapter. Earlier it was creating pages that were the size of postage stamps. UGH!

  10. Wow. Just wow. Just as you said, the artwork is really very beautiful. I'm still fangirling over Yukari and it's been sometime since I've read the chapter~xD

    The mystery is fascinating and there definitely is some high potential in this work. I love past life stories just the same, and I found it a surprising twist that Yukari's the re-incarnation of a female and Mohoro vice versa. Made me even more interested. Even more so since it involves the 'bad business' in there…that definitely leaves room for some huge, good plot twists.

    So, Yukarism gets a score of 8/10 from me. According to MAL rankings, that means a 'very good.' The pluses are for the artwork and good plot. How it was presented was also very nice. I've yet to grade the characters, though my opinions are already shifting towards 'like like like'~ Better make judgement after a few more chapters. Since you said that the upcoming chapters are also very good, there's probably nothing to worry about in the liking department. ^_^

    Thanks so much for the scanlation! Also for the links you provided. Hope that this series gets out of the 'trial' category and into the 'current works' category.

  11. Hm, gender switch eh?

    This series has the potential to be really pretty.

    Already, I feel that I will probably like the Edo Pair better since Mahoro is too much of a pushover for my taste. She's not as bad as Yurara 0.2 (the blonde one) but still.

    Sounds interesting.

    Oh right. You know, I've always wondered if Japan ever had a period where being fat was considered beautiful in women (it meant that you were from a wealthy family and thus could eat well) because China had one and I'm always amused by the period films and TV shows where they employ size zero actresses when the actual “beauties” were several times that.

    Anyway, I'm wondering if mangaka who write period/time travel stories set in ancient Japan adjust the style and appearance of characters to suit modern aesthetics and by how much.

    (For example: hair is probably one)

    That was rather random actually.

  12. I'm amused by the one boo. Aw, you didn't like it? Misclicked? Give it another chance when Ch. 2 rolls out, ok?

    The one important thing to keep in mind from this chapter is that little burn. A person with the burn mark on their wrist was near Yukari when he previously died, and this person was motionless. They might have died. They might not be the same person as the man we met with the burn. But that burn is pretty important.

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