Valentine’s Day Special One-Shot: "Ginrou no Sakura"

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

This was a big group effort to complete.  Nearly every page had a complicated redraw and I want to thank the Kumiko, Ichigo Stars, and Silver Lunar for taking on and conquering the challenge this one-shot presented.

I also give praise to Hibiki-sensei for writing and illustrating a beautiful story.  Hibiki-sensei’s current series are “Oiran Girl” and “Shounen Dolls” which run in Japanese language Lala and Lala DX magazines.  Please support her by purchasing her manga. (Link to purchase Hibiki Wataru series at Yes Asia)

And  now for the links:

Links to “Ginrou no Sakura”: (Zip) (PDF)

18 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Special One-Shot: "Ginrou no Sakura"

  1. Thanks! You guys always have a wonderful choice of one-shots! My favourite so far…probably Shinobigoto and A Small World XD

  2. My, my.. sickeningly But, still rather enjoyable. ^_^ I like both of those manga's, Oiran Girl & Shounen Dolls. She's very good at capturing the moment, so yeah.. I liked this one-shot.

    Thank you ALL for the hard work!!

  3. Wow im surprised I didnt think i would like it but it actually had a heart warming ending,plus those two little subs at the end i love it

  4. One thing I noticed in the past few months so many good one shots and not very often do we get a good series, sad thing is alot of these one shots have great story development to build off of, this series reminded me of the series Black bird not so much the supernatural but the relationship of the two main charactors

  5. @Anonymous — Actually, there's a lot of good stuff out there in terms of series and one-shots. The problem is that not enough of it actually translated.

    On the disappointment front…I'm disappointed that good series either end abruptly or end with a non-ending. It makes it tough to take a risk on a new series :(.

  6. Hi staff at Omari!

    I was reading this oneshot when I found something interesting…I think…but first

    Thanks for your hard work as usual, we love reading great stories…and there's more Yukarism to read in a while *.*

    Anyway my question was; The manga title for the manga on the add to the left of page 13, could I get you to tell me that?
    I can't read it it's too blurry at some parts.

  7. I don't follow many of the series that you guys do, but I have read every single one-shot you guys have put out. Let me just say that I love all of them, but this one is definitely one of my favorites! Now I see what you meant when you remarked that “Ginrou no Sakura” has a lot of charm points that are different from those of “Kare to Kanojo no Futomin”. Both series have their “Awww~” moments, that's for sure.
    Thanks so much for what you do! ^^

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