Series Debut: "The Ghost Apartment Manager"

“The Ghost Apartment Manager” is a little different project than we usually take on.  This series is about the friendship between two male protagonists and involves a bit of tragedy.  And now for the links:

Links to “The Ghost Apartment Manager” Chapter 1: (Zip) (PDF)
My Thoughts on the Chapter:
What attracted me to the story is the relationship between the two boys.  Sekka is obviously emotionally stoppered and Leo seems to be one of those shallow happy-go-lucky guys with lots of acquaintances.  Why are they friends? And how will they proceed in the situation they currently find themselves in.  This is a story about life and death and learning to live.  There’s a lot of truth in this series as well as a lot fun and humor.  I look forward to continuing this series monthly.  Oh, and please feel free to give us some feedback on the series debut.
Next up is “The Devil Mansion’s Teacher”.  
Other Announcements:
  • We are postponing “The Scarecrow of Oz” series until the tankouban are released.  The image quality from “Hana to Yume” magazine is too poor to reasonably work with.  My cleaners’ time is precious and I don’t think we would be doing the series justice by putting out something that only looks decent.  I expect the first volume to be released sometime this spring.
  • I am compiling one-shots for the spring and summer.  I’ve found a lot of one-shots from some of our favorite artists and hope to bring you as many as we reasonably can without compromising our series.

19 thoughts on “Series Debut: "The Ghost Apartment Manager"

  1. @Anonymous #1: The guy with the eye-patch is from another series that runs in Princess magazine. It debuted the same month as this one and is called “Houkago Sekigahara” (“After school Sekigahara”). It looks like one of those series in which the students are reincarnations of key figures from the historical battle of Sekigahara. I think it's one of the most important battles in Japanese history. It established the Tokagawa (Ieyasu) Shogunate. Here's some starter info if you are interested:

    The series in Princess magazine looks like complete slapstick and has A LOT of historical references. Usually this type of series is a pain to translate and requires a lot of research to get things right and to write notes for the readers so they can understand the story. It's not something I'm interested in taking on.

  2. I am a bit interested in the series with the woman down in the right corner. I have never seen anyone with such a detailed design look as similar to an already existing character (who happens to be my favorite) but I guess that might be because I cannot see that much of her. It looks like she is wearing a Lucia crown too (^-^)

  3. @A Link to the Past — That series is called “Ouke no Monshou”. Apparently it's some series that's been running FOREVER. It currently on the 56th volume (started in 1976!!!)

  4. Heh.. I was looking at the first image and racking my brain trying to figure out where I knew the art from. Then, I spotted the name on the 2nd (tech' 3rd) page and gasped/groaned. I'm not really a fan of Tooru Fujieda-san's story telling. I got her manga Oyayubihime Infinity and have not liked her work since that. ::deep sigh while shrugging:: However, I still gave this a go, because I REALLY am a fan of supernatural manga/anime/books/movies..etc with plots like this.

    And so far, I am not displeased with it. It's going at a nice pace, is amusing, and is interesting.. plus I like Sekka. But, I am wondering if/when he's gonna break down after finding THAT out about is friend) and I'm still trying to get a read on Leo though.

    Also, I was not expecting him to be er.. you-know-what (don't wish to spoil anything for anyone). But, the last image were he was saying “Don't lay a hand on my friend!” he had pointy teeth.. Makes me wonder if he's something other than a… you-know-what. Hummm..

    Well, I look forward to the next chapter. Thank you for your hard work! ^_^

  5. @Tin — I didn't like “Oyayubihime Infinity” either and I was very surprised that it was the same artist. I think most artists are hit and miss, so I do my best to give series a try based on the series alone and not past work. I think this one has the potential to be good based on the first 6 chapters. We'll see…

  6. The ghost apartment manager is a good series, is this a series or a one shot and will you be doing this series from now on, i found it funny and interesting just wondering if this is a one shot deal or does omari sisters plan keep doing this series, its pretty good

  7. The Ghost Apartment Manager so far seems pretty interesting. Glad this is a series you are picking up. I am also drawn to the guy wandering on the 1st floor and what his story is. I look forward to the next chaper!

  8. I like this series it's slightly odd but very sweet. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens with the two main's relationship. It's not often that a shojo manga has male friendship as a focal point 🙂

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