Halloween in February: "The Devil Mansion’s Teacher"

(Joint with The Zero Alliance)

This one-shot was supposed to come out last Halloween, but because I underestimated the amount work needed to do the image editing and redraws, we couldn’t get it done in time.  Fortunately, things came together now, so we’ll have a little bit of Halloween in February.

Again, this is another project that is a little different from want we usually do (one more project like this, then I can’t say that anymore…haha).  This story isn’t actually all that spooky, it’s more of a spooky motif.  The story itself is quite heartwarming and I really like Nayuta. Like Pika Ichi, this one-shot is a collaboration between sisters.  I hope to see more from them.  In the past they’ve done short shounen series in the Gan Gan Magazines.

Links “The Devil Mansion’s Teacher”: (Zip) (PDF)

Next up is “Kemono Kingdom: Zoo” Chp 3.

13 thoughts on “Halloween in February: "The Devil Mansion’s Teacher"

  1. When you said “Halloween in February”, in the chatbox, I thought you meant 1/2 off Valentine's Day chocolates…o_o
    Hehe, thanks a lot for the one-shot~
    I thought it was really sweet, and Nayuta is so cool 😀

  2. Hmm.. The way the one-shot ended, it made it seem like another chapter was on the way. With most one-shots, you can tell that they are finished.. but not this one. Interesting.

    Well, it was… cute. I did like the art, very clean and nice. The story was nice, but I'm not sure if I liked it a whole lot. I don't know.. ::shrugs:: However, I still thank you for doing this! I am glad I was able to read it. ^_^

  3. @Tin — Haha, I didn't expect this one-shot to resound well with most readers of this blog. It's different from what we usually do. I think it's nice, though, to allow for some serendipity. You never know what you might find ;p. Thanks for reading it and taking the time to comment.

    @Bibi — I got a bunch of 1/2 price chocolates on the way, so it Halloween in February in my real life is about to come true ;p Oh! And I'm glad you enjoy this one-shot.

  4. Thank you very much! I have a question, will you please please please release the next chapter of Akagami no Shirayukihime before you have to go? =((( It's already been so long since the last time. Thank you. >.<

  5. @Anonymous — AnS is a bi-monthly series. There's nothing we can do to accelerate the schedule. Please check the release schedule and observe the Japanese release date at the end of each chapter to get an idea for when the next chapter will be released.

  6. Oh, okay…… I will check the calendar. I know you said you are busy this month, so I was really hopefuly you might push Akagami no Shirayukihime up. =( Thank you very much.

  7. @Anonymous — I usually do AnS myself, but in order to do more, I had to delegate to others. It's completely unreasonable to ask others to finish an entire chapter in under week so I have to give them a reasonable amount of lead time. No worries! Ans 23 is well on its way to completion by the release date stated.

  8. thank you for Devil Mansion's Teacher. I too enjoyed it… the omaris sister “brand” of manga is working well, and needs not be all shoujo/romance… great pick!

    a lot of oneshots are like “pilot episodes”. if they test well, then it may be serialized. so i'm guessing that's why the ending can be an ending, or left to be continued ^^
    i liked the one-shot but i'm not sure how much i'd enjoy a longer series with this theme (but that's just my opinion)

    (@omari's sister you are very patient with requesters-demanders. i salute you!)

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