"Yukarism" Chapter 3

This series gets better with each chapter.  It’s funny, sweet, and fun all at the same time!  And on top of that, the artwork is wonderful! I hope Shiomi-sensei can keep up the momentum with this series.

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Spoiler Alert! Spoilers Ahead!
My Thoughts on the Chapter:

Hitoha!  She’s so cute.  I hope this isn’t the last we see of her present self, Emi.

Mahoro is a constant source of laughter for me in this chapter.  She so oblivious to her own hypocrisy.  She’s hysterically jealous and just plain funny.  I wonder if what she’s expressing now is what was going on internally in her past life as Kazuma.  I wonder the same about the hug.  Yukari looks very sincere while doing it.  I wonder is this something he wanted to do to Kazuma as Yuumurasaki in the past, but couldn’t because of social barriers.
I’m looking for to chapter 4 and the introduction of a potential antagonist who rivals the smugness of “Smuggy Wolf”.

Next up is “The Ghost Apartment Manager” chapter 2 followed by our winter-to-spring transition one-shot, “World’s End Garden”.

8 thoughts on “"Yukarism" Chapter 3

  1. Ah, I almost missed this post because of the top post (I thought there was no update..lol). Anyway, ::ahem:: my thoughts on the chapter…

    WAIT! Firstly.. Thank you! ^_^

    So, on with it then~

    Wow.. talk about invading personal space and “Being in your face!”, boy..lol. It's a lovely face, but my word, he was RIGHT there. But, Mahoro's face on the 5th page is amusing.
    ::snorts: Mahoro doesn't have any right to talk! Like you said..
    Well, good for Mahoro. She got hugged. ^_^ But the fact that Yukari did that without really thinking about it.. it's gonna have some consequences soon, I'm sure. ::shrugs:: Ah, well.

    Thank you for this chapter!

  2. I forgot to mention this in my comment.. sorry. But on page 41, the bit where the “crowd” is talking about her being asleep.. did someone else fall asleep as well?

    “Hey.. Did I fall asleep..?” or is that him/her thinking.. that thought? Just a little confusion there, that's all. Sorry and thanks!

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