"Kemono Kingdom: Zoo" Chp 4

Here is the next installment of the cute animal civil war! In this chapter of “Kemono Kingdom: Zoo” we meet Prince Panda, King Panda’s son.  He, of course, is adorable.  A new character “Red Wolf” is also introduced.  Like the other characters in this series, Red Wolf has some peculiarities.

Links to “Kemono Kingdom: Zoo” chapter 4:  (Zip) (PDF — Tablet and Mobile)

My Thoughts on this chapter:
As usual, I was laughing hysterically at some of the gags.  The polar bear gag tickled my inner 6-year old the most.  The treatment of Prince Panda reminds me of the Guinea Pig invasion on “South Park” *wink*  What could be cuter than cute animal cosplay?

Next up is our big Spring one-shot “Nanairo no Mukou” (“Beyond the Rainbow”).  It a long one, so it’ll take a week or so to complete for release.  It a very family friendly one-shot that I’m sure kids and adults who are still kids at heart will like.  Look forward to it!

3 thoughts on “"Kemono Kingdom: Zoo" Chp 4

  1. Thank you for this chapter! ^_^

    ::snorts:: I feel a bit sorry for the fox, Red Wolf and his “brothers”. Lol. This was a random chapter, but very entertaining.

    Ooooh, Snowy Owl.. how could you? You're gonna make Eagle cry. I'll never forgive you!!! ::shakes angry fist at her::
    But, this would explain why Lion has kinda always tried to get Ealge on his side.

    Also.. when did the rabbit turn human? I feel so completely lost on that one… <_>;

    Baby Panda, not so cute (to me) but I did like his cosplaying though. The polar bear and peacock one were awesome! They really have an excellent costume maker there in the zoo. Wow.

    Well, again. Thank you for this chapter!

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