Akagami no Shirayukihime Chapter 24

This was supposed to come out a little over a week ago, but sometimes life takes unexpected and sad turns, and people have to stop everything to observe the passing of a life.  It’s difficult to take the passing of someone your own age.  I didn’t know the deceased well, but her death did cause me to pause and assess my own mortality.  All I have to say is life is fragile, so make everyday your best :).

Anyhow…here’s Akagami no Shirayukihime chapter 24.  This chapter taunted and teased me the whole time.  It really fought against get done.  Hahaha!  But it’s done and I can get on with translating “Magnolia” now.
Updated 5/3/2011:  added small edits suggested by, you, the readers.
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Spoiler Alert! Spoilers Ahead!
My Thoughts on the Chapter

I was happy to see Shirayuki at the beginning acting very proactive and working with Kadzuki to rescue herself.  I’m glad she got to employ some of her chemistry knowledge.  It’s too bad Sorata decided to have those efforts fail and at the end Shirayuki’s imprisoned again and praying for Zen to save her.  =_=  I pray Kiki is there to get Shirayuki out and that she doesn’t become yet another damsel in distress for Mitsuhide to save.  Can Kiki actually fight?  I don’t think we’ve seen her in action.

Zen:  Getting fiercer :).  I like it.  I don’t want him to totally lose his cool, but I do like the resolve he’s showing.

Obi:  Uh…I’m not sure what to make of page 22.  What was he thinking Zen was referring to?

Shirayuki is not a princess — no, rather, Kadzuki decided to butt into a situation he didn’t fully understand and liberate her from some misguided royalty.   It’s quite anticlimactic.  Sigh…so now what?  I’m not even sure I care at this point.  Truthfully, I just want to see Obi cut down a bunch of pirates.  I think the steam ran out for me when Shirayuki started crying for Zen to save her again…meh  =_=  The only thing men should have to save women from is pumping gas…

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31 thoughts on “Akagami no Shirayukihime Chapter 24

  1. Thank you for the latest chapter! Just wanted to let you know that there's a mistake on page 15. It think it's supposed to be “conserve” instead of “conserver”.

    If some pirate lady with a sickle took me captive, I'd be begging for help too lol

  2. @Tama — Thanks for the edit! I have updated the file.

    Hahaha! Well, my feeling is that I wouldn't want my hubby to die rescuing me from some awful sickle wielding pirate like that. Seriously, Zen can't take that woman on in a fair fight. I wouldn't wish anyone to directly rescue me from that. I'd be like “oh please let a group of commandos come save me”. Haha!

  3. Woo! New chapter out, hoo-ray! Thank you, as always.

    I'm glad this came out today, because I was feeling awfully down. Today is my brothers birthday and being reminded that he/we won't be celebrating a birthday with him ever again.. hurts.

    Anyway, I am very grateful for this chapter. ^_^

    Um.. what Kadzuki said doesn't.. work. Boats still sway even when they are still in seaport (or in this case “riverport”). He must not know his boats too well.. >_>
    ::snorts:: I found it amusing that they took some food..lol.

    Smacked him so hard, he fell to the ground. Gotta love Kiki and Mitsuhide. Also a slight correction on page 15. Mitsuhide says, “blah, blah, blah… Rather Than Leting…” It should be “Letting”. Hehe. ^_^

    Psh.. leave it to manga characters to be able to jump off cliffs and not even be hurt a little. Ah, ha, ha, ha! Shinigami chop! Or in this case, it should be Zen chop. I'm sure that hurt, Obi..lol. I know this has nothing to do with anything.. But their eye's always remind me of Goat eyes. ::shrugs::

    Hey, she (Kiharu) looks like the Talon pirate woman. ::laughs:: I love the fact that Obi, even though he knows Kadzuki's name, he won't say it. Instead it's pretty boy and pretty boys companions.

    Oh, don't worry about Kiki. She can fight. Remember the guard(s) talking to Zen, being all excited about meeting Shirayuki. Well, they were training then and Kiki was pretty much beating the other guys and they were all, “Whoa..” about it..lol.

    Anyway, Kadzuki and the Lions reason for taking Shirayuki was incredibly lame. I am annoyed and disappointed with it. Stupid.. tsk.

    Well, thanks for this chapter!

  4. i Lol-ed when i found out it was kiki who was dragged on-board. that was least expected and it was a nice surprise. i find her hilarious + she doesnt get much limelight so hopefully she does something awesome.

    deduction: the men were useless – bring on kiki. HAHAHA.

    i didnt fancy shirayuki being a princess before this arc but seeing how the story is developing, i think i'd like her to be a princess right about now instead of having some dude want her for her red hair again.

    a mad obi = i do like, i do like, very muchhh

    thank you so much for the release! i was waiting for your release so i didnt go through it in my copy ^_^
    lots of love!

  5. The title page still has a typo, shouldn't it be “guards” instead of “guard”? since it is a “Gathering” it would suggest there is more than one person involved.

    @Chungky – lol me too! I was pretty surprised it was Kiki as well, didn't see it coming at all XD Being literary a back-ground filling character helped. :/

  6. Wait, I want to quickly butt in for a sec. SilverLunar, the singular 'imperial guard' is absolutely correct. This is because it denotes plurality. Have you ever heard of the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace? The guard is made of many people, but it's singular as if they were one body.

    Just some linguistic clarification. Carry on. 🙂

  7. Thank you for your hard work!

    Mihaya is right, every time I see Obi lately, I see a stray black cat (that's been taken in by a master lol).

    I think it's natural to think “Zen save me” since Zen is powerful as a royal and can command strong people, besides the fact that he's not exactly weak himself. It would be cool if Shirayuki were stronger, but hey at least there's Kiki! Go Kiki- have a sword hidden in your disguise! Ah, I still love this series.

  8. Thank you for this chapter! So interesting 😀

    Och, and Obi is being so seriously-cool xD I like him more and more with every chapter.

    About all this Shirayuki being kidnapped… maybe this boss of “Mountain Lions” is her father? He is older and has the same type of screentone used for his hair xD (but then probably Zen&co would be surprised seeing him)

    And I also don't like Shirayuki crying…

  9. @kuma-chan: oh so it is like “sheep” and “fish” then! Never new that, you learn something everyday, thanks for the insight!
    But is it specifically used with “imperial guard” or just “guard”? Because I see “guards” with a s used everwhere.

  10. Sorry to hear such a sad thing ._. And thank you for your effort to go through with the chapter despite all.

    I'd like to see how THIS will work out XD Zen vs a girl, hahah. Is that why he sent Kiki? XD
    Btw I have to disagree (partly) with your comments, that Shirayuki got caught and cries for Zen. I'd be rather disappointed if she managed to escape that easy. And at some point it's natural that she'd get desperate and cry.
    On the other hand I do agree with the point that a heroine doesn't necessarily HAVE to be the damsel in distress who needs to be saved by the prince on the white horse.

  11. I'm saddened that so many women feel so jaded at the idea of being saved. It's a selfish and naive perspective to be honest. Have those of you who are feminists ever thought about how men feel about these situations? And is it really such a big deal to be saved? What's the implication? That you're weak? Why is that such a bad thing? Men need battles to fight. They need to have their strength tested and know that they are strong and capable. This is very important to a man so that he may know for himself that he is a man. Women can help by allowing themselves to be a little vulnerable sometimes. There's nothing wrong with it, and it would actually be an awesome act of love if we allow ourselves to open up and be feminine and let the man in our life BE a man! It's a beautiful thing for Zen and Obi to rescue Shirayuki. Or else how do you think they would feel if Shirayuki suddenly met them on the road like, “Hey guys. What took you so long?” They would feel like pansies. Especially Obi. If we let ourselves be vulnerable and let ourselves be saved by the men who love us, it would light such a fire in them that would make them love us so much more!!! Anything worth having is worth fighting for! If he fights for you and wins you, you will mean that much more to him. It's not that you are not able to take care of yourself. It's just the loving thing to let him be your man and fight for you. Cheer him on and build his confidence, and you will see him blossom into a gallant, noble, self-sacrificing man who would do anything for you!!! *Sigh* I love men. ^_^ And thank you for your translation of AnS. This is one of my favorites!! ❤

  12. @Jennifer — Thanks for sharing your perspective. I have no problem with women showing vulnerability. I do it from time to time because I know and respect my limitations. I just don't like how Shirayuki totally gave up on herself and is crying for Zen to save her. I guess, I would expect her to be more concerned about worrying Zen and everyone else, than waiting to be rescued. Shirayuki from the start was not built up this way. I thought she was more headstrong. I guess it seems out of character to me.

  13. I was just wondering about the whole Kadzuki butting in thing, maybe “saving” Shirayuki from royalty was just his own motive and that maybe the Lions really want her for some other reason. I doubt the clan would just go after her for the purpose of rescuing her from royalty (getting hopes up!! :D)

    @Jennifer: I see your point! My fiance absolutely hates it when I make him feel like a pansy haha! I also heard on the radio that men are falling into depression because they feel like they're losing their place in society.

    I agree that Shirayuki does seem a little out of character when asking for help although I feel it can be justified. She hasn't seen Zen for a while and does miss him. She did try to escape once already and it failed. It led to the pirates torturing Kadzuki by dunking him in the ocean. I don't think she believes that she's in a position where she can take more risks.

  14. THANK YOU for the release!

    OMG, why does all the characters looks so beautiful or handsome?? XD And, omg at the end! 😀 I can see the reunion soon! I guess…

    Thank you again, I can't wait for the next akagami no shirayukihime's release! 😀

  15. Yaay! Update made my day. 😀

    I'm psyched Shirayuki got into it at the beginning, but why oh why does she keep crying for Zen? Honestly! 😦 I just want Obi to go out there in a boat by himself and mow down some pirates (and friggin GET the GIRL XD). But I guess Kiki can have first dibs; I'm pretty sure that the reason she's infiltrating the boat is because she's secretly a beast.

    I hope Kadzuki has more of a reason than just what was given us for going after Shirayuki; I want more spice to this plot! Well, at least angry Obi is still sexy as crud. 😀 Stoked for the next update!

  16. Thanks for the chapter!

    I guess I would have preferred a “help me” over a “save me” :/ It's a running theme that Shirayuki and Zen provide each other with strength, so I could live with that. It's perfectly reasonable to think you need saving from a crazy scythe-wielding lady pirate kidnapper, but it's not Shirayuki's usual style to wait around…Well, Kiki's there now, though :]

  17. Thank you so much for the hard work…

    I can understand Shirayuki crying for Zen…a moment of realization that she is in dire straits and thinks of the one person who means the most to her, but man oh man, Zen is no D'artagnan…but I would probably shed a tear or two myself if I found myself tied up on a pirate ship…

    I agree with Chungky about Shirayuki being a princess and the red hair…unless it turns out her red hair provides some special power or something…

    I need a serious Izana moment…where is that boy????

    I really feel sort of let down by the whole Kadzuki storyline…I really imagined it being more suspenseful. Zen is definitely not able to take on that woman (Izana probably could, but not Zen), and it is all well and good he has help, but the “mountains lions” reasoning that they are just saving her doesn't sound plausible or just lame…

    I am still drawn to this series…I need to know how this finishes…

  18. Yay, chp. 24 is here! What a perfect way to end the day, as always, thank you for all your hard work 🙂

    @Omari: I can see why you thought Shirayuki was slightly out of character, but she is in a desperate situation right now. I hope the reason for her kidnapping won't be disappointing or I'll go crazy. I've been holding on to the idea of her being a lost princess or something since the title itself has the word '-hime'.

    When I saw that the new captive being thrown into the room, I honestly thought it was a new character because she was wearing a skirt. I was pleasantly surprised to see Kiki's face instead. Yeah, it's Kiki's time to shine now! I wonder who suggested this plan? (I think it was Mistuhide XD ).

  19. I am desperately hoping for some MitsuhidexKiki love in the next chapter!! I love them! 🙂

  20. I wonder what people should say to one another when they come into contact with death, but at a distance. And, is that even possible? To witness an end to life and remain distanced from it?

    I guess we respond to varied levels of intimacy in varied ways :3

    Thank you for keeping up with this series. Though I don't have a very big attention span for lengthy stories–ha ha ha, like, more than one or two volumes, ha ha ha–I really do enjoy this story :3 It's just freaking cute.

    Thanks for your hard work!

  21. I don't know how should I express my thanks!! You are the best!! Thank you x3 I'm from S. Korea and only 4th volume is selled in the bookstore. (I brought all the books!=)) Such an amazing dialogue!

    I had a determination that Shirayuki is a princess from an unknown heritage, yet I think author is just planning to make her our special Shirayuki. I don't care if she is not a princess or not. Shirayuki is just an amazing girl! I am so nervous about what will happen…Anyways, thank you so much for translating this manga! Are you from Japan?

  22. wow thank you so much for the release, i love this story, it makes me really happy whenever i read a chapter.

    i didn't mind Shirayuki being teary eyed at the end, i mean pretty boy's being tortured because of her, she doesn't know where she is, where she's going, why she was kidnapped in the first place, or in the second, she doesn't know what the pirates will do to her, crazy pirate lady is talking about “finding her a master” i'd be freaked out if i were her. but i agree with Omari the fact that she said “zen save me” doesn't seem like her, she always wants to do things by herself without inconveniencing anyone, so to ask Zen to leave his country and oligations to come look for her without knowing how long it could take, seems a little off.
    she should ask for Obi to save her, he's so cool when he's angry, but did he let the guys from the talon find him on purpose? or did he actually mess up, cause that doesn't seem like him either.

    a lot of the people commenting said they were disappointed with the reason why Kadzuki took Shirayuki away, but i thought it was kinda sweet, stupid too, cause he didn't ask her if she wanted to leave the castle, but still sweet. he wanted to save her from a stupid noble who only wanted her because of her hair and forced her to leave her country, he could probably relate to what she must have felt since he had been sold to a noble only cause he was pretty, i thought that really sad, i mean he's also very young so to be sold out like that, i feel bad for him. but maybe there's another reason that the mountain lions want to help get her back, i also thought maybe their leader is actually her father, or someone who knew her parents, after all she grew up in the mountains of tanburn.
    can't wait for the next chapter, i'm sure Kiki will kick some sense into Shirayuki so that she'll stop crying and take action.

  23. I want to read the next chapter already…
    It's getting SOOOOOO interesting!!!
    Godspeed you guys!!!

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