One-shot: "The Honeybee Earl and the Flower Dress"

I readily admit that this one-shot is a beyond cliched Cinderella story (the title page pretty much tells the entire story), but it’s done extremely well so all is forgiven.  Actually, I enjoyed this one-shot A LOT.  It filled the hole for a good summer romance comedy (damn you, Hollywood, make us some good summer movies!).  Anyhow, there are no surprises here and it all ends with the lovely little bow, as it should.  Yes, it’s perfect for the June wedding season :).

Links to “The Honeybee Earl and the Flower Dress”:  (Zip) (PDF — mobiles and tablets)
More thoughts on this one-shot:
Virgil and Dahlia remind me of Tamaki and Haruhi, but set in an alternate universe.  I like how this one-shot stayed sharply focused on the relationship between Dahlia and Virgil and I like the gentle message about birth right versus merit.
Oh!  And Dahlias!  I saw a lot of them in the Floral Contest at the San Diego County fair.  Dahlias come in a surprising variety of shapes and sizes.  Here’s are some of the pictures I took of dahlias at the fair:

 (This one is my favorite!  It looks like a cartoon flower.  Amazing, isn’t it?)

Next up!  I don’t know yet…hmmm..

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