His and Her Circumstances Special Chapter — But Really an Advertisement…

First of all!  A special thanks to Chiresakura for suggesting this and helping to make this release possible :).

If you haven’t read “Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou” (“His and Her Circumstances”), you NEED too, especially if you like over-the-top high school dramas like “Pika Ichi”.  Unfortunately, the series is long out of print because it is a Tokyo Pop title in the US.  Boo!!!  It would be great if another publisher re-translated it and did an omnibus version of the series (hint, hint, hint…)  Anyhow, here’s a handy summary sheet explaining the series:

And now the extra chapter!  It’s “Kano Kare” “Chotto Edo Made” style (very cute)!

Links to “Chotto Kano Kare”:  (Zip) (PDF)


Next up is Akizuki Sorata’s “Ryuu no Moriuta” (“The Dragon’s Lullabye”).

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