Kuro Lala and Fall Spooky One-Shots Announcements!

Kuro Lala has arrived! It mostly contains supernatural one-shots.  There are also some starts to a series or two.  Needless to say, there’s a lot of good content inside.  In light of our fall spooky theme, we will try to share as many of the one-shots I enjoyed as we can over the next 3 months.  Do do this special we will put some of our less popular series on hold.  “Magnolia”, “Yukarism”, “Fushigi no Maria-kun”, and “The Ghost Apartment Manager” will not be affected.  The other series will be released every 6 – 8 weeks and we’ll release multiple chapters at a time to catch up on the series.

Here’s what we have planned:


  • One-shot:  “Shima x Dan: My Life with Boys on an Island” — Irresistible end of summer reverse harem cuteness from Houjou Yutori & Mochidzuki Kako (“The Devil Mansion’s Teacher”) 
  • Fall Supernatural One-shot: “Kami-sama no Sonata” by Ichinose Kaoru 
  • Fall Supernatural Short One-Shot:  “Sara no Ue no Kanojo” (“Girl on a Platter”) by Tanaka Meka, 


  • “Access” Chp 1 
  • Bitchcraft Fall One-shot: “Ningyou Saisei Koujou” (“Rebirth Doll Shop”) by Nakamura Yukichi
  • Devilish Fall One-shot: “Kororo Rental” (“Heart Rental”) by Hano Chise
  • Demonic Fall One-Shot:  “Seimei desu ga nani ka?” (“What’s Pure and Clear?”) by Sarachi Yomi
  • Halloween One-Shot: “In the Mirror of Death” by Fujiwara Hiro


  • Cute Witch Fall One-shot #1:  “Majo to Yajuu” (“The Witch and the Beast”), Scanned, Translation 100% 
  • Cute Witch Short One-shot #2:  “Wasuremono”, Scanned 
  • Haunted Fall One-Shot: “Yadokari Honpo” by Onda Shizuru  
  • Shinigami One-Shot:  “Sabaku no Requiem” (“Desert Requiem”) by Ike junko
  • Thanksgiving One-shot: “Komugi to Sekai no Ryouri-kun”

 A few of the other one-shots will will save for release at the appropriate times in 2012.

As if Kuro Lala wasn’t enough, in November Shiro Lala will release!  I will, or course, evaluate the contents and we may extend our one-shot focus for another 3-months considering the wonderful list of artists that will contributing to Shiro Lala

A reminder: Follow our releases on Twitter @OmarissisterRel

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