"The Scarecrow of Oz" Chapter 5

This kinda got lost in the shuffle for a few months.  Haha!  We’ve had a bunch craziness for the last three month, so it was hard to keep up with things.  Anyhow, here is the final chapter of “The Scarecrow of Oz”.  This is the last chapter in the serialization in the tankoubon, but there are two omakes from later issues of Hana to Yume magazine.  I have those omakes and at some point we’ll get those translated and released.

Anyhow…this chapter sweetly ends a very cute series.  Kurou and Chelvy forever!

Here is the link!

Link to “The Scarecrow of Ozu” Chapter 5: (PDF)

If you liked this series and want to purchase your own copy in Japanese to collect and to support Ichiharu-sensei, here are some purchase links:

Yes Asia ($3.99 shipping in the US and Canada)
Amazon JP

Up next!

Up next we have a one-shot explosion!  Yep, a bunch of half-finished one-shot are nearly done!  We should be releases at least 3 new one-shots next week.  “Akagami no Shirayukihime” and “Seigi no Mikata” are also being worked on too.  Those will come out closer to Christmas.

Please check the release schedule track our progress on various releases and follow our release feed on Twitter (@OmarissisterRel) to be alerted we do a chapter or a one-shot release.

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