One-Shot: "Seimei desu ga nani ka?" ("I’m Seimei. What of it?")

WAH-BAM!  It’s another one-shot!  This one is a “Shounen for girls” type of one-shot.  I wanted to release this one over a year ago, but it kept getting kicked down the road.  I’m happy we finally finish this one.  Big thanks to Blotty Parchment for taking on the challenge of translating this one-shot.  There were a lot of exorcist terms she had to research.  On top of that, there are language differences between Shoujo and Shounen manga.  It can be a little tough for folks like us who aren’t native Japanese speakers.  Also, thanks to Sapphire Pyro for the beautiful typesetting.

I was originally going to release this one-shot on Bakeneko’s Lair, but when the translation and English adaptation were completed, I felt that the overall story had a sweetness running through it that was more appropriate for Omari’s Sister than Bakeneko’s Lair.  Anyhow, I love sweet stories about father’s an sons and the awkwardness of sons doing their best to distinguish themselves from their fathers.  I imagine, though stories like this, that it’s tough being a boy.

Ah…some notes!

  • The title page says this is a gag manga.  I wouldn’t characterize it that way.  There is only one “gag” and it comes at the end.  The rest is a comedy-drama.
  • Sarachi Yomi is the same mangaka who drew/wrote “Stein’s Gate”!  Wow!  That was my favorite anime series this year.

And now onto the links!

Updated: 12/12/2011 — Minor edits from Noir.  Thanks Noir :).
Links to “Seimei desu ga, nani ka?”: (Zip) (PDF)

Next up!
We have two more one-shots that are close to being done, so look out for them sometime this week.  Otherwise, we will now turn our attention to our series.  Thank you all for being patient with us while we “cleaned our one-shot closet”.  I don’t know what’s up next.  It’s depends on what redraws I get back :).  Also, another one-shot or two may still come out this month…so look out for them!

Please check the release schedule track our progress on various releases and follow our release feed on Twitter (@OmarissisterRel) to be alerted when we do a chapter or a one-shot release.

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