"Seirei Produce" Chapter 8

Strangely enough, this chapter is very appropriate for Christmas because Amane’s backstory is eerily similar to the story of another spirit that descended to Earth whose birth we celebrate this time of year.  Hmmm…It’s an interesting twist on that story.  Hahaha!  I wonder if there will be any further parallels.

In this chapter we get a big dose of Amane’s back story and the link between what happened to Shiina as a child when she died.  A lot of this links back the extra story that came out between chapters 5 and 6.  In case you haven’t read it, here’s the link (LINK).  It turns out that childhood flashback is crucial to the story (as well as adorable!).

The story seems to be moving along very quickly, which makes me wonder whether this is going to be contained within less than 5 volumes.  That would be nice.  It would seem weird now to go back to being slapstick after going serious.  Although…considering where Kanae’s “claw” is located, it should be plenty funny seeing Amane get it.  The only way that comes to my mind a probing kiss — heheh…and the fudoshi’s all squeal…^^;  Sigh…yaoi undertones seem to unavoidable lately.  I’m not a fan of that gimmick…but I’ll roll with it as long as it’s not taken too far.

And onto the link!

Updated 12/24/2011:  Small change to the translation on page 6 (page 5 not counting the credits). The change does not impact the story.
Link to “Seirei Produce” Chapter 8:  (PDF)

Next up!

There are two one-shots that are being typeset now.  One of them will be ready for release on New Year’s Eve.  The other one, I no control over and will arrive when it arrives :(.  I hope, though, that it will be ready next week.  The next chapter of  “Kemono Kingdom: Zoo” will release on Bakeneko’s Lair next week.  Beyond that, I don’t know.  I do know that I will be working on series and putting in some time on the cleaning and redraws that need to be done on “Akagami no Shirayukihime”, “Fushigi no Maria-kun”, “Ore to Atashi no Kareshi-sama”, and “Rex Fabula”.

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