"Akagami no Shirayukihime" Chapter 33

First of all, a little bit of business.  Viz’s Shojo Beat is accepting licensing suggestions on Twitter.  AnS came up quite a few times.  I would love it if the momentum were stepped up so this series can’t be ignored and Akidzuki Sorata can get some money from us (more than just the fraction of us who buy the tankoubon).  So if you don’t mind, please Tweet to @Shojobeat about AnS.  Let’s make a big push to get this series licensed!

I did what I could with this chapter in terms of image editing.  The pages look okay until page 17 and then after that there was simply not enough data to salvage the images.  As a consequence the pages are very grainy and there are some bare patches.  It’s a shame too because I get the feeling that the last few pages are actually quite beautiful.  I guess I and whoever buys the volume 8 tankoubon will get to see the chapter as it was meant to be.  Fortunately, chapter 34 was printed in the nice section of Lala, so that chapter will be high quality.

This chapter begins a new arch in the story.  Looking at chapter 34, perhaps now we’ll get to Shirayuki interact with Izana.  I know there are some of us who like the idea of Izana x Shirayuki (me included), but I get the feeling that Akidzuki wouldn’t even toy with that notion.  My guess is that Izana, Shirayuki, and Ryuu will have some sort of adventure that will result in Izana personally acknowledging Shirayuki. …But we shall see.  Maybe we’re in for a surprise^^.

On to the link!

Link to “Akagami no Shirayukihime” Chapter 33: (PDF)

My thoughts on the chapter:

As usual, Zen is far too nice and bland.  Personally, it would have been nice to see him wasted while drinking with Izana or to find out that he’s got an iron stomach and can hold his alcohol.  That moment seemed to be a missed opportunity for some humor and character building.

I love the lab coat uniform!  I would definitely wear one of those :).

Izana and Ryuu fans rejoice! Chapter 34 has lots of these two characters in it.  Also, if you follow me on Twitter, then you may have seen the teaser photo I took of Izana on the two page color title page spread for chapter 34.  It’s a VERY nice drawing/painting.

Next up! I’m currently working on “Fushigi no Maria-kun” Chp 5!  A lot of the group is dealing with finals and final projects, so bare with us.  I’ll be finishing up a lot of the half finished stuff that built up during March and April during this time and prepping for our third anniversary in June :).

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