"Rex Fabula" Chapter 6

If you haven’t read this series, then I hope you give it try because it’s one of my favorite Shounen-for-girls series.  The first 4 chapters are here and chapter 5 is here.

There are no crazy monsters in this chapter. Actually, there is much more dialog than there has been in the other chapters so far.  It’s kinda of a nice break, but at the same time it’s the setup for the first real arc in the story. The next chapter introduces a bunch of new characters, so get ready for it.

This chapter introduces Kurumizawa Kotoko as a love interest for Homare,   I won’t say much about her accept that she’s surprising and I like her a lot :).  I’m very eager to see how this romance plays out, though I imagine it’s going to be very, very, slow.  Still, I think Kurumizawa will be a great moderating force to keep Homare from going out of control.

And now onto the link!

Link to “Rex Fabula” Chapter 6: (PDF)

Random Thought about Kurumizawa:  Bitchcraft handled. Step off Tamamura!

Next up:  “The Ghost Apartment Manager” chapters 9 is well on its way to completion!  Look forward to its release later on this week!

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