One-Shot: "See You Again" by Junko Ike

I’m starting to notice a running theme in these Shiro Lala one-shots.  I imagine it’s because in Japanese culture white is associated with death, which is an opposite notion for Westerners.  If you’re still recovering from “Souai Metaphysica”, then perhaps you ought to wait a day or two before reading this one-shot.  It’s a short one-shot, but it packs a lot of punch for 16 pages.  I think this one-shot ends on a better note than “Souai”, but still…sigh…haha!  Unfortunately, the next chapter of AnS is not gonna pull us out of the sorrow hole :(.  But don’t worry, the light is coming soon.

Anyhow, onto the Link!

Link to “See You Again”: (PDF)

Up Next! “Akagami no Shirayukihime” Chp 34 is most likely next, though a short one-shot might sneak its way in before ;p.

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